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(Natsumi Kato) The Slut Hunting


n0331 2008/05/26
Natsumi Kato
The Slut Hunting

Let us introduce the new game called slut hunting that everyone can enjoy in this time though the game that enjoys moving the body like Wii sports etc. is popular. It is possible to play easily if there is the super and a fresh slut body.
NATSUMI KATO is a serious student. A slender body and atmosphere that seems to be saucy provoke a man. On certain day, she becomes prey of hunting on the way back to home and is placed under house arrest.
It is a start of the cruel game that thoroughly insults out until woman who opposes and tries to escape completely surrenders and becomes silent. At the beginning, men gather on the road and they look for the woman.

NATSUMI who was walking on the road by chance?@is invited by a skillful word and go to men's offices. The purpose of the men is only the body of NATSUMI and they begin to grope her body personally.
NATSUMI who is made taking off clothes gradually though opposes is made deep kiss and is made open leg pose. And clitoris attack & finger fuck are made. The joy juice overflows personally from the pussy.
And, the cock is thrown in to the mouth and she is made fellatio. The cock is put in the interior of the throat though she intensely opposes and the sucking is continued.

Then, the cock is inserted at standing back posture though she dislikes insertion and tries to run away.
She is stirred in the vagina by various posture as backward woman on top, woman on top and missionary after an intense piston to which the one leg is lifted. Other men gather there and NATSUMI who is made fucking is observed.
NATSUMI ejaculates to shame that the uniting part is gazed. And it is vaginal cum shot after hard piston was made at the missionary posture. Immediate aftermath, she is made finger fuck and joy juice is splashed.

After the fact, the cock is inserted at the missionary posture after the cock is thrown in to the mouth though she tries to run away desperately while soaking between groins. And then vaginal cum shot is made after standing back and missionary posture.
Afterwards, insulting continues and toy attack by the open leg pose is made. NATSUMI shouts that there is no insertion experience of the vibs toy at all and opposes again.
However, the clitoris is stimulated with the rotor toy and the vibs toy is inserted in vagina after disgrace play from which the clitoris and labia meat are picked with chopsticks.

In addition, she is made finger fuck intensely and a large amount of joy juice is blown again. Immediate aftermath, Cuzco is inserted after the test tube is inserted and the vagina road that beaten up severely is exposed.
The opening of uterus is also exposed. And, they move to the bed and the cock is inserted at the missionary posture and piston continue at the bending, side, back, M-leg backward woman on top and woman on top posture.
The labia meat that is enlarged and adsorbs the cock is miserable. And then, vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture.

The second cock is inserted in the pussy that thick semen flows backward and drips, and the vaginal cum shot is made at the back posture after she was poked at the missionary posture.
The cock pulled out once is inserted again and it begins to squeeze the semen of the remainder. After the fact, NATSUMI loses even power to stand up and she exhausted. However, insulting has not ended yet.
NATUSMI is suppressed by the open leg pose and fixed. And, men who gather one after another surround NATSUMI and the cock immediately before ejaculation is inserted into her pussy and made vaginal cum shot one after another.

Total 11 cum shot is poured in the vagina and the between groins became muddy by it. There is a man who does the villainy play that begins the piston at the same time as vaginal cum shot and stirs in the vagina intensely, too.
After the fact, NATSUMI who slips down from bed and sits down is immediately before the energy loss. However, the head is personally suppressed and the mouth is opened. Immediate aftermath, men ejaculate continuously in the mouth one after another.
The inside of mouth became muddy by the tota l three mouthful cum shot. A large amount of semen flows around the jaw and it is the tragic face. Afterwards, NATSUMI squats down on the sofa and made PISS SHOT.

Yellow urine is excreted at a dash. After the fact, she fusses over when urine is splashed with her leg. Men rage at the appearance even to make PISS SHOT in front of other people.
Men make up their mind to dispose at once though they were going to taste young body many times. NATSUMI is returned to a street called out to first with being muddy from head to foot by urine, semen and joy juice.
NATSUMI who is unclean and gives out an offensive smell loses that she is made hunting afterward and is being made to the target of the slut body shooting game now.


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