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(Miki Hamamoto) Pussy Collapse


n0332 2008/05/29
Miki Hamamoto
Pussy Collapse

It is stress society with many people worried by loss of appetite or sleeplessness now. The rich young lady whom there seems to have no a trouble with a jerk is not an exception.
MIKI HAMAMOTO is a slender beautiful woman who seems elegant and has lovely face. Though MIKI is troubled with sleeplessness and talks with the chief physician, the weakness is grasped by employees because of it and a noble body will be played with.
MIKU who was thoroughly bullied by the vulgar men?fs violent play falls to the meat jar for cum shot.

It is birth of pitiful lower slut who only creeps and writhes At the beginning, MIKI troubled with sleeplessness takes the diagnosis of the chief physician. The doctor sees through MIKI as the frustration and presents the action method immediately.
MIKI goes to bed masturbating after she takes notes of the desire of her wish according to the doctor's instruction on that night. However, it is found by the employee in the next day.
The employee who has interest usually in her body is taking advantage of this and plans insulting and he attacks MIKI with other men on the other day.

MIKI who is personally suppressed was tear up stockings and was made taking off the panty, and the pussy is exposed. Then, the he cock is thrown in to the mouth after she is made finger fuck at crawl on all fours and fellatio is made.
Two cocks are alternately sucked. And, the cock is inserted at standing back posture. The joy juice that becomes cloudy blots immediately in the pussy and the first vaginal cum shot was made at the missionary posture after back posture.
Then, the second cock is personally inserted and the piston is made missionary and bending posture. Semen is injected while being shown a drenched uniting part in this time.

After the fact, a large amount of semen flows backward from the ostium of the vagina that opened greatly. The image scene is placed and men drive recklessly further. They call friends and try to insult MIKI thoroughly.
Men who gather immediately peel off clothes of MIKI and begin to grope her body. They attack her with the rotor toy following finger fuck at open leg pose. MIKI was inserted rotor toy into the vagina hole and the clitoris is stimulated at the same time.
After she is stirred to the vagina interior, the pussy is intensely attacked with the electric massage machine.

The pussy is immediately drenched. MIKI is suppressed and is stimulated between groins by a stronger vibration though she seems to get acme and opposes desperately.
MIKI got acme while whole body is shaken and ejaculates at the end though the voice is killed and she endures desperately. Immediate aftermath, Cuzco is inserted and the opening of uterus where the joy juice stays is exposed.
Miss's pride is into shreds by the many of disgrace play. In the next, they move to the bed and the cock is inserted at the missionary posture and poked continuously at the bending, side and back posture.

She was watched a played face steadily and feels shy seriously. An intense piston continues at the woman on top and M-leg backward woman on top posture. The other men gather in the middle of a fucking one after another.
They surround MIKI who is making fuck and start to squeeze their cock. MIKI is poured semen at the missionary posture while being seen in a large number of men.
The second cock is personally inserted and vaginal cum shot is made at the side posture after poked at the bending posture. Immediate aftermath, the third cock is inserted at the missionary posture.

Also surrounding men made facial cum shot one after another at the same time. The face of MIKI who was poured total 10 cum shot became muddy.
Though she turns her face away, MIKI is suppressed and pouring semen finally and a large amount of semen flows also into the mouth. In addition, vaginal cum shot is made concurrently and inside of vagina also became muddy.
However, play that drives in MIKI further explodes after this. The pussy is enhanced in the lift hip up pose. Men made the continuous cum shot aims at the Ostium of the vagina that opened greatly.

All the spilling semen is pushed by the finger and the semen of 14 totals is poured. Immediate aftermath, MIKI was hold in his arms and was made semen excretion of shame in addition.
Semen flows backward with obscene sound from the pussy that was beaten up. It is the moment when even human dignity much less the pride of the young lady vanished entirely.
After this, MIKI is trained and exhibited in the market in which the millionaire gathers for a special slave of fucking & vaginal cum shot.
MIKI who fell low to meat slave of lowest level in which it lives in seamen as food says that she met father who is looking for his slave in the market again after a long time.


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