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(Rena Koizumi) The Die Out Talent


n0333 2008/06/02
Rena Koizumi
The Die Out Talent

The Internet spreads widely and to threaten existing media, the influence power of the television is still great. It is not rare that there is the talent who acquires the business by under pretense of love to person of influence.
RENA KOIZUMI is a current race queen of a preeminent style. She becomes producer's mistress by a slender body and erotic and gets to be regular of the program. But the belonging office goes bankrupt though it was seen the all's going well with her.
Men's insulting is immediately begun to RENA who lost talent's power. RENA is a moribund state in the site where the semen of 30 totals or more scatters. Only the role as the meat doll has been left to RENA.

At the beginning, RENA who is marketing as a Race Queen is flirting with the producer. She is made deep kiss and clothes are taken off gradually. The joy juice bolts immediately when the panty is taken off and finger fuck was made.
After finger fuck continues by the backing style, the cock is inserted at standing back posture. Piston continues at the M-leg woman on top and woman on top posture, and a large amount of joy juice that become cloudy gush and it adheres to the cock.
Then vaginal cum shot was made at bending posture after she violently poked at missionary posture. Thick semen overflows in the ostium of the vagina. It is the photography spot of a TV program successively.

RENA is called as a guest and advertises the photograph collection. The cameraman who took a picture also sits, and RENA reproduces an actual taking a picture scene and makes the pose.
The report entering site where office of RENA goes bankrupt suddenly is made confuse though the program continues unquestionably.
When the belonging office disappears, public entertainments activity in the future is uncertain even though producer's mistress. At that occasion, the attitude of the staff always embarrassed to Rena's self-conceitedness attitude changes suddenly.

They begin to play with her body immediately. The cock is thrown in the mouth and RENA is made standing fellatio. And, she is push down to the sofa and is made open leg pose.
The part between groins of clothes of Race Queen is roundly cut out and the pussy is exposed. She pants an attack of finger fuck & vibs toy. RENA ejaculates when the vibs toy is put in the vagina and the clitoris is stimulated at the same time.
And the pussy is intensely stirred and she is made acme. Then, the clitoris is continuously attacked with the electric massage machine and a large amount of joy juice is blown.

In addition, the massage machine attack continues and RENA who faints in agony splash a large amount of love juice while the massage machine pressed between groins.
It is drenched between groins. Immediate aftermath, the test tube is inserted in the vagina. Then, Cuzco is inserted after it is peeped for vagina wall move disagreeable. It is exposed to the opening of uterus, too.
Then she is thrown down to the mat and the cock is inserted. RENA is intensely stirred in the vagina at the missionary, bending, side and back posture, and she agony and suffer for it.

After hard piston was made at the M-leg woman on top and woman on top posture, it is the vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture. Then the second cock was inserted immediately and vaginal cum shot was made at the side posture.
Immediate aftermath, the third cock inserts at missionary posture and the vaginal cum shot was made to RENA who uttered pant voice as groan and immediately before limit. Then she was hold in his arms and was made finger fuck afterwards.
The liquid which semen and cloudy joy juice were mixed in from a vagina spouts out in large quantities. After the fact, exhausted RENA was immediately exposed soaked pussy that opens greatly at the open leg pose.

The other staffs gather there one after another and the cock immediately before the ejaculation is inserted in the pussy and made vaginal cum shot one after another. The semen of 20 totals is poured into vagina interior of RENA.
In addition, men continuously launch semen to the vicinity of the Mons pubis. The total 12 semen was splashed to the Mons pubis and there became muddy by it.
Immediate aftermath, RENA is directed to put on RACE QUEEN costume and made the pose while making semen flow backward from the vagina. Men got the great satisfaction in a pitiful appearance of the Race Queen who was degraded.

In addition, Rena is hold in his arms and is made finger fuck. The vagina jar that was filled with a large amount of semen is intensely stirred and she ejaculates and the liquid polluted gushed from the vagina.
Men rage at the appearance that is an incredibly dirty-looking. And, RENA is made to go home while made dirty by semen. Afterwards, RENA made standing urinate in front of the staff, may be abnormality caused to the head.
She excretes a large amount of urine with an obscene sound. Afterwards, RENA who gave up the talent moves the place of the activity to an underground theatrical company.
She gets the popularity in the mania layer as a grotesque slut who is fucked on stage and gushes dirty liquid from pussy.


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