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(Kyoko Yonekura) The Nightmare Again


n0334 2008/06/05
Kyoko Yonekura
The Nightmare Again

Though it is the world of the talent and Race Queen that weather they have the ability or not is important, success goes away if neglect a steady effort even if an inborn thing is superior. KYOKO YONEKURA is a popular Race Queen of the TOKYO HOT team.
She is tall and the style is preeminent. Though she is a beautiful woman with the perfect body as beauty tits and beauty leg, KYOKO is abuse fun who participated in photo session in behind and has not any motivation for the other work either.
It did too much though the manager who felt the situation heavy executed a rough reeducating. It is an impact content by which a popular Race Queen reduces a mere meat jar by the insulting that happens one after another.

At the beginning, it is the photo session with fans. KYOKO made the pose in the smile. However, the word that abuses fans after the photo session ends is poured on the manager. The manager introduces a new racer while KYOKO is calmed.
However, KYOKO is at a loss for words after watched the man, because it was not a man met for the first time. The talk goes back just before the photo session.
Kyoko take down costume of Race Queen in the private room in the rest room and sits on the toilet seat, and urinates. An obscene sound sounds in surroundings.

KYOKO who stands in front of the mirror of the washing stand after it urinates is attacked by a man who entered suddenly. KYOKO is made to take off her clothes, and she is violently caressed the bust and gets the pussy fingered in the open leg pose.
In addition, finger fuck is made while being had hips in the spank by standing back pose. And, the cock is inserted in the mouth and it is standing fellatio. KYOKO drools and sucks desperately. And then, cock is inserted at standing back posture.
KYOKO is stirred in the bending posture and ejaculates. Next, a man squeezes his cock by his hand and made mouthful cum shot while made KYOKO to lick his ball bag and KYOKO drinks up all semen.

Kyoko who noticed the thing that it is a new racer in front of her is a man who attacked her amazed. The manager who emphasizes the assault in the rest room as the part of reeducating urges the body offer on KYOKO.
KYOKO is suppressed by men as incomprehensible and made to take off clothes. It is open leg pose in the stocking appearance without panty after the nipple is pinched strongly. Labia meat that sticks in stockings is obscene.
The lotion is hung down from stocking between groins. In addition, it tears up stockings and the pussy is exposed. The rotor toy is thrown in to the pussy and the clitoris is stimulated at the same time.

In the next, vibs toy was inserted. The clitoris attack of the electric massage machine made, too and KYOKO faints in agony and got the acme.
In addition, it is made standing fellatio after the vibs toy is thrown in at standing back pose and four cocks are sucked one after another. And, they move to the mat and the cock is inserted at the missionary posture.
The vagina meat is intensely stirred at the bending, back, side and M-leg backward woman on top posture and labia meat swells up. Then it is the vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture.

Immediately after that, the second cock is inserted at the bending posture. It rubs up in the vagina and injects the semen in this time. Immediate aftermath, the third cock is inserted at the back posture and of course it is the vaginal cum shot.
The fourth cock is immediately inserted at back posture and semen is injected further in a drenched vagina. In addition, the fifth is cock was inserted at the bending posture and made vaginal cum shot at side posture.
Immediate aftermath, a large amount of semen flows backward from the vagina and she is seemed to be exhausted. However, it has not ended yet. Other men gather in succession, too.

Semen is poured one after another on pussy of KYOKO who is suppressed by open leg pose. The semen of eight totals hits the Mons pubis, labia meat, and pussy directly. The spilling semen is raked up with vibs toy and pushed in the vagina.
Then, men made facial cum shot, too. The face of KYOKO became muddy by the total nine facial cum shot. Six people push the cock in to the mouth after made cum shot and let her clean.
After the fact, KYOKO suffers for disgrace play on which semen is painted in the face.

After this, KYOKO made the blunder that the enlarged labia meat begins to protrude from high leg cut in a certain important race though she is instructed that it is for the team and keeps being fucked.
Then KYOKO is sold away to the showman because she has assumed that she made to lose the trust for the team.
Now KYOKO is being made the lowest life that makes a living by showing appearance that is fucked by the unspecified number of men while abused ugly labia meat.


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