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(Akiko Takaoka) The Cockholic


n0337 2008/06/16
Akiko Takaoka
The Cockholic

Though the auction and dealings of the net banking etc. increase and is active more than before, the sense of crisis concerning individual information leakage is needed along with it. AKIKO TAKAOKA is a beautiful office lady of living alone.
The glamour body with atmosphere that seems to be saucy is attractive. Though AKIKO is invited to one direct mail that reaches home on a certain day and goes out, she become the prey of the brutal person groups because of bad the defenseless action.
It is the realistic picture which chased the figure which a woman who is suddenly fucked and tasted humiliation, and collapsed to mind falls to more obstinately. At the beginning, AKIKO walks in the town at the night unconsciously.

She returns to home and enters the bathroom personally. She takes shower with it puts on clothes then the skirt is raised up and the shower is obstinately held aiming at between groins and begins to wash.
It seems to wash the dirt that adheres between groins desperately. However, she sits whether gave it up before long. A disgusting event of just a while ago revives afterwards when wrapped up in a sheet in a bed.
One day, AKIKO takes the direct mail not got used to seeing at home. The content is a guide of the healing salon. There was no concern that worried how it searched for address and either AKIKO was visiting the place of the guide several hours later.

There was the room of the multi-tenant building. It is the room where is dark without a window when she opens a grave door. There is no answer though she is entering the room and call come one.
However, when having noticed it was amusing, a man had already approached. AKIKO is cornered to the wall side though she is overwhelmed to strange atmosphere of a man who approaches silently and tries to run away.
And, two or more hands dash out from the wall in the back suddenly and AKIKO is pinioned. AKIKO who frightened by fear and cannot move is torn stockings and is made to take off the panties at the same time.

And, she is push down to the bed, is suppressed by the open leg pose and the pussy is exposed. It is the obscene pose that anal is a fully exposed, too. It rather fuels Akiko's fear though men advance insulting to AKIKO from beginning to end silently.
In the next, AKIKO who was put finger in the pussy intensely opposes and ejaculates. However, men push stockings into mouth of AKIKO, and then men take out the erected cock and insert it in the pussy.
There is not foreplay either and AKIKO who was suddenly inserted cock in vagina where not wet at all rages intensely and opposes. However, a man stimulates intensely in the vagina.

The labia meat is transformed and the spectacle that it adsorbs to the cock is so obscene. Then it is the vaginal cum shot after the pussy is intensely stimulated at the back and missionary posture.
AKIKO is surprised at sudden vaginal cum shot and becomes panicky. She is shaking her body while keeping open leg pose. And, the scene is on the bed at home of AKIKO again.
AKIKO who did not separate a matter of insulting from a head begins to finger the pussy in the open leg pose. And she also intensely fingered the bust and got the acme.

The image scene in white body-conscious costume is placed, AKIKO is in front of the room where she was insulted again. AKIKO is personally restrained both hands by men when entering the inside and was fingered between groins intensely.
And finger fuck is made after deep kiss was made and stoking and the panty are taken off. Men are still keeping silent and only pant voice of AKIKO sounds in a dark room.
In addition, the one leg is lifted and the finger is put in the interior of the vagina deeply. And then they move to the mat after fellatio & hand job service and the cock is inserted at missionary posture.

The cock is also thrown in the mouth at the same time. The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes from the uniting part at the bending and woman on top posture.
Then it is vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture after she is intensely poked at backward woman on top and back posture. The second cock is personally inserted at missionary posture and it is vaginal cum shot.
Immediately after line joy juice?fs having dripped from ostium of the vagina that opened greatly and bubble semen blots. Though it is AKIKO who was made dirty in the vagina by two continuous cum shot,

she is not going to wash between crotches this time but towards at the screen in the way that she wants man to spoil a vagina with more semen and repeats a gesture to tempt a man.
Individual information is acquired from somewhere and the woman who seems to be caught is picked up. The devil group which looks down on a woman in an idiosyncrasy to entreat a cock after having insulted is moving into action now.
The poisoning patient like AKIKO is in the increasing tendency.


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