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(Minami Takigawa) The Ecology Slut


n0336 2008/06/12
Minami Takigawa
The Ecology Slut

Though the maintenance of the law that aims at an earth friendly recycling society like recycling act for electrical appliances etc. is advanced, the times that were the ecology that the body recycled come over.
Young wife MINAMI TAKIGAWA is a slender beautiful woman with beauty leg. A fair skin where erotic pheromone drifts is also attractive. She is suddenly abducted at a certain day and happy day is an end.
MINAMI beats and is dropped to an infinite hell while suffering for shame after she having been teased by unknown men exhaustively. At the beginning, MINAMI who is cooking in kitchen was touched her body form the behind by man.

She is fingered bust and between groin and is made deep kiss. In addition, after the scruff of the neck is licked, she is made an open leg pose on the kitchen stand.
The joy juice gushes immediately from the pussy when the clitoris is licked and finger fuck was made. And then MINAMI ejaculates to intense finger fuck by standing back pose and the joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes.
Then, cock is inserted at the standing back posture. It moves to the bed afterwards and the cock is sucked. She sucks politely from top of glans to side stripe. And fucking continues at the missionary posture.

It is very lascivious that deep kiss is made while making fuck. Then it is the vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture after she was poked at the side and woman on top posture. The sticky semen overflows in the ostium of the vagina.
Next, the image scene is placed and the scene in outdoor. MINAMI who was walking around home is called by men and kidnapped suddenly. MINAMI is bound on the bed by the lie at full length when she is attentive.
They are four strange men in surroundings. The whole body is touched and deep kiss is made though MINAMI desperately opposes. Men are the stalker parties who were always aiming at her.

They gets excited by the presence the dearest body of MINAMI and begin to finger the nipple and the pussy joyfully. A woman is half mad by fear and the feeling badness.
MINAMI is not possible to run away though she rages desperately and also the bibs toy is thrown in to the pussy and, in addition, the clitoris is stimulated with the electric massage machine.
And then, the cock is inserted at the missionary posture while both hands fixed. The cock is inserted one after another at the bending and missionary posture. She opposes and ejaculates but semen is injected in pitilessness.

Bubble backflow semen gushes to the ostium of the vagina. Immediate aftermath, when the test tube is inserted by the open leg pose, the vagina road is drenched in the joy juice.
Next, when Cuzco is inserted, the cloudiness joy juice stays in large quantities in the opening of uterus. Then cock is inserted at the standing back posture.
Image in uniting part where the cock is inserted in a vagina many times and can see anal in full view is so wonderful. Then it was vaginal cum shot at the side posture after she was poked at the side, back and backward woman on top posture.

And then, the third cock is immediately inserted at the back posture and vaginal cum shot was made. The cock is put in the root and semen is injected into the interior of the vagina.
The fourth cock is inserted at bending posture and the semen is injected after it stirs in the vagina. The pussy was become muddy by the backflow semen. However, the woman is immediately enhanced the vagina by the finger at the lift hip up pose.
In the next, other stalkers gather. They ejaculate to the pussy that expanded as seeming tear one after another. The semen of ten totals is poured in the vagina and the amount that spills from the pussy is pushed by the finger in the vagina.

Immediate aftermath, it is the finger fuck. MINAMI ejaculates and gushes an impure love juice that semen mixes in the vagina with the cloudiness joy juice.
MINAMI is pushed in the cardboard box while made dirty by semen afterwards and she is abandoned to the container for garbage. The cleaning member immediately classifies an empty can and the PET bottle, etc.
and the body in the state put in the cardboard is collected. It seems to have been a day of the collection of slut body timely. The last is PISS SHOT scene. She expanded pussy by herself and made piss in the street.

A large amount of urines comparatively near colorlessness are excreted. It gets excited by the shy face while urine is drawing arc for a long time.
After this, the collected slut body is collected in one place and it is deleted for a rank by the pain condition of the pussy, and the article which is in a good state is shipped to the second use market of slut body.
The destination of body of MINAMI is decided to Southeast Asia market where recycling standard is low because her pussy was just before collapse and it was the severe state that recycling was not possible.


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