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(Risako Mamiya) 82 Cum Shot


n0338 2008/06/19
Risako Mamiya
82 Cum Shot

There is a cabin attendance in one of the occupations that woman wants to try once. The beauty RISAKO MAMIYA of preeminent style to impersonate to cabin attendance delights to shape good clothes in this time.
It is talked that she wants to finish working in good feelings that she may feel by fucking before takes a picture. However, even if RISAKO enjoys it more, the TOKYO HOT prepares the surprise.
It surrounds her by men more than usual and insulted her self-indulgently. A large amount of semen of 82 totals hits RISAKO directly.

The appearance of pitiful RISAKO who is made muddy and runs away madly cannot settle the men's excitements and the fuel site be settled further. It can watch a picture of the surprise that a shock runs through a whole body!.
At the beginning, she makes light of it that might be the range that can be endured and taking a picture begins though she is told by supervision that there are much actors in this time.
The passenger suddenly appeals for stomachache to RISAKO of cabin attendant while flying and he directs RISAKO to pass her hand over the stomach. RISAKO tries to settle down due to rub man's lower half of the body.

However, the man lets her touch between his crotches intentionally, and it is made a fuss and RISAKO is threatened by man to appeal after that. A man suddenly made deep kiss to RISAKO who is embarrassed and demanded her body.
RISAKO is caressed between groins after made taking off clothes and the bust is fingered. In addition, she is made finger fuck & careful licking service by the backing style. Next, the cock is thrown in to the mouth and she is made fellatio.
The hair is violently gripped and the cock is inserted in the interior of the throat. RISAKO keeps sucking while suffering, and she drools and the sob is repeated many times. And then, cock inserts at the back posture.

The joy juice that becomes cloudy begins to blot in the uniting part while she is poked at the woman on top, backward woman on top and bending posture . Then it is vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture.
After the fact, it is found by another passenger the appearance that she exhausted in seat while making semen flow backward from the pussy.
RISAKO who is embarrassed when she is known to the company as for the fucking & vaginal cum shot under the flight is threatened by the passenger and she is placed under house arrest after lands. There are two men in the brought place.

RISAKO is made taking off clothes personally and is made deep kiss. And, the cock is thrown in the mouth after finger fuck by the open leg pose and it is fellatio.
She is thrown down to the mat and hands and feet are restrained with the adhesive tape like the shape of the open leg pose afterwards. And then, cock is inserted at the missionary posture.
The cock is also pushed in the mouth while poked at the bending, side and back posture and she sucking it while suffering. The cloudiness joy juice blots in the pussy. And, the first vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture.

Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted though she tries to run away and it is second vaginal cum shot. The third cock is personally inserted in the bending posture and semen was injected.
Her pussy became muddy by the three continues vaginal cum shot. Taking a picture is interrupted here once and there is explanation of supervisor that cum shower play starts continuously.
RISAKO in the state of being restrained is still showing the smile at the time. However, men pinion RISAKO in the open leg pose at the next moment. And men try to make cum shower because RISAKO is frightened for many of actors and opposes.

Men insert the cock immediately before the ejaculation in vagina of RISAKO who put in nose hook and was bitten SM apparatus by mouth one after another and ejaculate semen into the vagina. Semen is also poured on the face at the same time.
The semen of 13 totals is injected in the vagina and her face became muddy by semen of 18 totals. Semen flows in the hole of the nose and it is cruel. In the next, semen hits directly to the face and the intraoral of RISAKO who got up.
The semen of 13 totals to face and 34 totals is poured in the mouth. RISAKO who cannot shut the mouth has a fit of coughing many times and vomited semen. And also she utters an unknown queer voice and opposes desperately.

RISAKO shouts that she wants to return and collapses at the last. Immediate aftermath, RISAKO is encompassed by a big plastic bag and is made to rolling with the rope round and round.
And she is disposed as the garbage slut who is impossible of reproduction. Last is addition privilege of image of another angle that catches a large amount of continuous ejaculation & facial cum shot part.
The garbage slut who seriously dislikes of foolery is the highest even if it sees at any angle. An ugly slut disappeared again. It is important work of the TOKYO HOT to get rid of the fool slut boiled from the social base one by one.


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