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(You Saotome) The Meat Urinal


n0339 2008/06/23
You Saotome
The Meat Urinal

It is necessary to enhance the value of the acquisition of the qualification etc. to the worker in these days when the long-term employment is becoming not general and the labor market does fluidity.
YU SAOTOME is a highest authorized architect of the major company construction company. The slender body with beauty leg that expands without trouble is attractive.
However, the company suddenly hands over to the foreign capital and the place to stay of YU disappears. The beautiful prim woman who deals with a many first-class building design falls at a dash.

The appearance which she suffers the insult play that is skewered by the actor of rabble, and is diminished to a worst slut pig is poor. At the beginning, YU is told that a company was taken over by foreign capital by a managing director.
Immediate aftermath, a new president comes to the office. The president drives out the executive director and abuses her architectural design as said it doesn't have the sense. YU will be educated in order to improve the sense that suiting a new company.
Trainer's men take off clothes of YU and caressed her bust from the back. YU who is made taking off stoking and the panty by standing backing pose is made spank hips many times. And, the vibs toy is inserted in the pussy by the open leg pose.

In the next, the cock is thrown in the mouth and she is made standing fellatio. After three cocks are sucked one after another, the cock is inserted at back posture.
And it is vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture after piston was made at the backward woman on top, woman on top and bending posture.
Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted and semen is injected at the bending posture after it intensely stirs. The third cock inserts it in the pussy where semen flows backward at missionary posture and vaginal cum shot was made.

The image scene is placed and YU shows the rewritten design to the president. However, president's interest is her body structure more than the building construction.
YU who is suddenly thrown down to bed and is made taking off clothes exposes the pussy in the open leg pose. In addition, she is made finger fuck and a large amount of love juice that becomes impure yellow and is blown.
Then cock is inserted at the bending posture. And semen is injected after severely poked the vagina interior. Immediate aftermath, the president who saw the appearance where semen flows backward in vagina of YU with an obscene sound rages.

The president abuses "Shame on you" and YU is removing from the work of an architectural design and send to the construction site. Blue-collar workers who gather in site are rough fellow who specialty for the piling the cock and the semen injection.
They take off her clothes as soon as see her and caress whole body. The cock is also thrown in the mouth. YU is suppressed the head by the pose of standing fellatio and the piston is intensely made.
Next, YU is push down to the bed and the cock is inserted at the missionary posture. Actors who impersonated to the blue-collar worker drive recklessly for the foolish appearance that YU made wet the pussy though opposes.

They cluster to insert a cock in a vagina rushingly and force a fucking. The cock is inserted in YU by missionary posture one after another.
Then vaginal cum shot was made after YU is deeply poked many times by various postures as bending, side, backward woman on top and woman on top. The second cock is immediately inserted at the back posture and it is vaginal cum shot.
Immediate aftermath, the third cock inserts in the pussy where the backflow semen blots at missionary posture and semen was poured. The fourth cock is personally inserted and injects semen at the missionary posture.

The enlarged labia meat is miserable. And, the fifth cock is inserted by the side posture and semen is poured into the vagina interior. Immediate aftermath, the sixth cock is inserted by missionary posture.
In addition, vaginal cum shot is forced in the vagina. The pussy of YU is just before collapse for six consecutive vaginal cum shot. However, when the amount of semen is still insufficient, men of the daily employment are gathered.
They made facial cum shot one after another aim on the face of YU. In addition, the cock after it ejaculates is put in the mouth and she is made the cleaning fellatio. The semen of 18 totals is poured on YU and two of them poured into her mouth.

In addition, the semen that spills in the body is pushed into the mouth, too. And, all semen in the mouth is swallowed and it is the end of work.
It is a moment when the effort of a large number of people is realized, and a slave meat toilet is a finished.
It is judged that it doesn't come up to the reference value because of actor's inferior semen to have been injected and is given the recall order as an illegal meat urinal though YU was exhibited in the slut body market after this.
After her body was collected, the useless body of YU is sold to be combined with another defect meat urinal in a doubtful street stall.


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