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(Aki Yamashita) The Fucking Doll


n0340 2008/06/26
Aki Yamashita
The Fucking Doll

It seems to be still common to keep it to circumference till it gets engaged about the office love though it is considerably open recent love circumstances such as the idol talent declares the lover's existence.
AKI YAMASHITA is a new office lady. It is healed by an attractive beauty leg and a friendly smile. The men who are aiming at AKI who is idol existence of the office vigilantly spread the rumor that is not good and force a mean way to lose reputation.
As a result, after AKI who is cornered in the office having lost a refuge and the body is thoroughly insulted. At the beginning, AKI who works on a holiday is confessed to keep good company by the senior staff.

It gets excited by the woman's innocent reaction of AKI who feels shy as externals whether confessed seriously. Then, another employee also appears and it will struggle for the woman though a man forcibly urges his association.
Men touch the body of an embarrassed AKI and begin to take off her clothes. Though AKI is made deep kiss, the tongue is forcibly twined, and plainly dislikes it but kiss is made persistently in addition.
Even more stoking and the panty are taken off and she is made open leg pose. And the joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes from the ostium of the vagina as soon as the clitoris was fingered. The expression that flushes shamefully is obscene.

Also two cocks are alternately sucked by standing fellatio. And then cock insets at the standing back posture. The joy juice that becomes cloudy pulls the string when the one leg is lifted and the piston is made intensively.
The piston is continuously made and then semen is injected at the missionary posture though she strongly opposes vaginal cum shot. The second cock is immediately inserted at the missionary posture and vaginal cum shot is made as well.
Thick semen flows backward from the pussy that opens greatly. Later, the rumor that she is a easy rider spreads in the company and whenever there is a thing, the men who aimed at only the body make advances as result.

Though body is fingered as soon as she goes to office, AKI is made finger fuck at the open leg pose after clothes are taken off. She was not possible to oppose it because of there is indebted to be fucked and made vaginal cum shot in the office.
And, after labia meat and the clitoris are picked with chopsticks, AKI endured hard for the disgrace play sucked it with the straw.
In addition, AKI is attacked by the rotor toy at the same time as the vibs toy's being put in the vagina and she faints in agony In the next, AKI is attacked between groins with the electric massage machine and she is made acme while panting.

Immediate aftermath, the test tube is inserted in the vagina and the vagina road filled with a large amount of joy juice is exposed. Several days later, president's son approaches AKI who worries that leave the company and the body is demanded.
The rumor that AKI was the easy rider was completely established also to top management of company. A man says that he will promise a good condition as exclusive secretary etc for AKI. And, she is made to suck the cock.
AKI who believed man's word receives all semen on the tongue as directed and the cock after it ejaculates is politely licked and keeps it clean. However, AKI is called by the president immediately after and the situation changes suddenly.

And she assumes that the company motto of the office romance prohibition was broken and is denounced. Men's purposes are only body of AKI and do not have the romantic feeling at all.
On the other hand, AKI who is confessed and was doing shamefully is considered the office romance and becomes the object of the severe punishment. And the body is demanded as a punishment.
And cock is inserted at the bending posture after she is made standing fellatio. Other employees also join, and it develops into the promiscuous sex.

Then vaginal cum shot was made at the missionary posture after inside of vagina stirred at the side, backward woman on top and woman on top posture. And the second cock is immediately inserted and vaginal cum shot is made.
In addition, it is heard that it can be possible to make vaginal cum shot to young office lady and all the employees gather.
The cock immediately before the ejaculation is inserted in drenched pussy of AKI who is suppressed by open leg pose and made vaginal cum shot one after another. The semen of seven totals is injected into the vagina interior and the pussy became muddy.

In addition, one cum shot is poured also to the mons pubis. AKI will bear humiliation that fucked all day long because it is the company that office sex is admitted though the office romance is a prohibition.
In several months, AKI got the highest position of easy rider. The person in charge of the newly established easy rider section is left, too.
But she has already gone mad and seems to have been a doll without feelings not to mention romantic feeling either though the current effort is finally recognized by the company.


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