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(Sayaka Kinoshita) The Fucking Talent


n0341 2008/06/30
Sayaka Kinoshita
The Fucking Talent

The power of the belonging office relates greatly more than individual ability of person in talent's world. There is the success of the talent only after there is the great backup of the office. Sayaka Kinoshita is a new face talent model.
An attractive pupil that charms a man and a slender body are enough nature of the model. However, it is in the villainy office that she belonged where cheated woman of the talent wish and fingered body.
SAYAKA who doesn't know anything immediately becomes the prey of insult play. It is an end of a pitiful woman who believed that she can become a star. SAYAKA who is scouted and was brought to the office immediately receives an easy interview.

But the aim of men is only her body though SAYAKA is pleased that she can be marketed as a talent. SAYAKA is made to crawl on all fours and stockings are taken off after the body is touched while being smelt the smell of the whole body.
And, the panty is taken off and the pussy is exposed. SAYAKA who wants to become famous can only follow the office and not possible to opposes at all though she is made finger fuck.
It the next, the cock is thrown in the mouth and she is made standing fellatio. In addition, the cock is inserted in the pussy at the standing back posture.

SAYAKA is stirred in the vagina at the woman on top, backward woman on top and back posture while being said an obscene word and she ejaculates. In the next bending posture, the cock was put in the vagina many times and vagina meat is transformed.
The image that continues the spectacle that labia meat adheres to the cock in ugliness gets excited. Then first vaginal cum shot was made. And the second cock is immediately inserted at the missionary posture.
The appearance where the compound liquid of semen that remains in the vagina and joy juice that becoming cloudy adheres to the cock is obscene. And semen was injected.

The cock is inserted in the vagina and all the semen of the remainder is poured immediately after exploding by accident in the vicinity of vagina entrance. After the fact, the work of taking a picture is immediately decided.
The image scene is placed and it is the picture studio. SAYAKA makes the pose with the smile though she is strained to the first work. Men in the belonging office intrude into on the way though taking a picture advances well.
The cock thrown in the mouth of SAYAKA while she does not understand what was going on. SAYAKA who cannot contrary to the office sucks the cock hard by standing fellatio.

Men drive recklessly further and SYAKA is moved on the sofa and she is directed to open the pussy by the finger. And, the pussy that widely opened is already drenched in the joy juice.
Men do what men s wants to do as picked up labia meat with chopsticks and sucked clitoris & labia meat with the straw. Furthermore, the string devil's tongue jelly is pushed into the pussy.
Though SAYAKA considerably dislikes it and tries to run away, clitoris is immediately stimulated with the rotor toy and she faints in agony. Then, the pussy is expanded at crawl on all fours and the vibs toy and the cucumber are inserted.

Immediate aftermath, SAYAKA groans in the insult play in which the carrot and the banana are put into the pussy at the lift hip up pose. And, Cuzco is put in the vagina that extended completely and it is exposed to the opening of uterus.
Then, she is thrown down to the mat and the cock is inserted by missionary posture. In addition, SAYAKA is directed to expand the pussy by the finger and is desperately endured disgrace that voluntarily expands the pussy which cloudiness joy juice gushes.
And vaginal cum shpt was made after backward woman on top posture. The second cock is immediately inserted and semen is injected by the side posture. The appearance to refuse vaginal cum shot loudly is pitiful.

The third cock is inserted in the pussy where semen flows backward at the backward woman on top posture. Opposes of SAYAKA is futile, the vaginal cum shot is made at missionary posture.
The fourth cock is immediately inserted by backing and semen is injected in the vagina that impoverished by the continuous vaginal cum shot.
Just before the fourth shot, attitude of SAYAKA changes suddenly and she entreated vaginal cum shot suddenly. She must have gone mad by made fuck & vaginal cum shot severely.

After the fact, it is decided that SAYAKA is marketed as a handbill model of the department store. SAYAKA who was dreaming the thing that becomes famous at a dash is disappointed.
Also an office goes bankrupt in a worse thing and the picture of fucking & vaginal cum shot flows out. She will be known to the whole country as a abnormal meat urinal that is made vaginal cum shot with anyone in order to become famous.
And therefore, SAYAKA escapes to the foreign countries after having been troubled. However the news is cut off after appearance that she was fucked on a street by dirty-looking men having been witnessed at voyage place.


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