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(Saya Kizaki) Fucking in Vault


n0342 2008/07/03
Saya Kizaki
Fucking in Vault

Though the number of couples who toward abnormal direction as SM play and so on has increased, the case not felt in usual sex since stimulation is requested too much is not few. SAYA KIZAKI is a office lady of a preeminent style to work for the mega bank.
Though SAYA is a beauty in the office, it develops into the unexpected situation that insulted thoroughly in the bank because she is immorality relations with branch manager and was found the fucking in the office.
It gives SAYA a finishing blow by nine continuous vaginal cum shot after the body of the elite office lady is unlimitedly bullied by the devil including semen actor. At the beginning, SAYA is made deep kiss by the general manager in the safe room.

The general manager who requests stimulation gets excited by fuck in the place that seems to be found, takes off clothes of SAYA, and caresses her bust.
SAYA who was fixed both hands to frame in front of vault with adhesive tape is made taking off stocking & the panty and gets the clitoris fingered. Also the nipple and the clitoris are stimulated with the rotor and she ejaculates.
In addition, the rotor toy is put in the vagina. And, both hands are bound with stocking that she put on and blindfolds her at the same time after made standing fellatio.

In the next, pussy to which large amounts of cloudiness joy juice adhere is stirred by the finger at the standing back pose. Another man's cock is inserted in the pussy of SAYA who entreats cock.
SAYA who is left up one keg and is made piston violently adsorbs labia meat on a cock and enjoys herself. However, the blindfold is taken off and she is perplexed when understanding that it is a man who doesn't know.
But cock of general manager is thrown into the mouth and it rushes into 3P play though she shouts and opposes. And vaginal cum shot was made at standing back posture after the cock is alternately inserted at standing posture.

The other cock is immediately inserted at the standing posture and semen is injected. Thick backflow semen is oozed out in the ostium of the vagina.
And, though SAYA returns to the work, the general manager's abnormal play continues and the rotor toy that operates by remote control is put in the panty.
SAYA twist the body for the stimulation of the rotor toy while reception with the visitor and PC work and cannot do work straight. In addition, the vibration sound of the rotor toy sounds and it comes to light to other bank clerks.

The general manager goes out to the outside work immediately after that and the criticism is turned by SAYA. It is the standing fellatio after she is abused as abnormal and is expanded the pussy by the open leg pose and vibs toy is put in.
SAYA keeps sucking the cock that thrown in one after another hard. And the cock is inserted at the missionary posture. The piston is made while being shown the uniting part in the continuing bending posture.
Then vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture after woman on top, M-leg backward woman on top and back posture. Then, the second cock is immediately inserted by missionary posture.

The nine continuous vaginal cum shot of angry waves is begun here. Men insert the cock in the pussy where semen is injected and extends greatly one after another and vaginal cum shot was made.
Her pussy into which semen is injected by various postures as back, side and missionary posture is tragic. Labia meat is enlarged and extends ugliness in right and left and the ostium of the vagina is opening slovenly.
In addition, the actor who impersonated to the bank clerk also participates in continuous vaginal cum shot. The appearance that it is stirred in the vagina to the talented girl of former office lady with incomprehensible man's cock is too pitiful.

Just after that, SAYA leaves the office to escape. SAYA stops by the massage on the way to home in order to forget the fact of insult and heal a tired body.
However, immediately after clothes are changed to the dressing gown and having sat on a chair, she is restrained with the rope and the pussy is expanded by the open leg pose.
Then semen is poured one after another by men who have gathered somewhere and the semen of 11 totals hits the pussy directly. The Mons pubis and labia meat are become muddy by the semen. In addition, semen is pushed by the finger in the vagina.

Then, it is PISS SHOT in the style toilet. SAYA excretes a small amount of urination and an obscene sound sounds in the room.
SAYA who immediately before collapse of mind and body by a cruel bullying comes in succession is absent from it for several days. Though SAYA will go to the office in one week, she is arrested on the suspicion of the improper loan.
It is because the general manager puts the documentary evidence of the improper loan in woman's locker while her absent and the responsibility was rubbed. A valueless woman who fucked throughout the life was helpful for a person for the first time.
Stupidity and the slut, and you may make her useful.


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