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(Airi Wakasugi) The Rectum Fuck


n0343 2008/07/03
Airi Wakasugi
The Rectum Fuck

Recently, business is in the retreat situation, but there are a lot of excellent companies which increase business performance and makes efforts to the entry into another type of business. AIRI WAKASUGI is president secretary of leading company.
AIRI is a fair slender beautiful woman of an intellectual atmosphere and the beauty leg is also attractive. A company goes into the eroticism industry this time. AIRI who was selected for model approves the AV appearance reluctantly.
However, it was a first step to the hell. AIRI exclaimed in humiliation that teased by men in an office and to be able to be used to anal much less the pussy and completely died.

AIRI who goes to the office and was called by the president is made hearing the thing that the company newly enters the eroticism section and finds no word to say. Moreover, it is said that the model is already fixed AIRI and will take a picture of AV.
It is a hesitating woman, but it is said that the face does not appear and consents unwillingly. Immediate aftermath, AIRI is directed that enters under the desk and suck cock of president.
After she gropes between man's groins, the cock is put in the mouth. It gets excited by the appearance sucked from glans ahead though she is puzzled. Next, the panty is taken off in front of the camera and she made open leg pose.

The bust is caressed from back and the clitoris is groped intensely. And, the toy is passed and she is made to masturbate. Then she got acme while panting in a big voice. In the next, cock is inserted at standing back posture.
The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes from the pussy when the one leg is lifted and the piston is made intensely. And vaginal cum shot is made at the missionary posture. AIRI confused for unexpected vaginal cum shot.
However, another two men participate immediately and she is tied up the hand and the leg with adhesive tape without an interval to opposes, and pussy is exposed at open leg pose.

AIRI ejaculates when the clitoris is attacked with the toy and the vagina is stirred with the vibs toy after the pussy is enhanced with the rotor toy. The cloudiness joy juice that overflows in the ostium of the vagina is obscene.
In addition, the clitoris is stimulated with the electric massage machine while vibs toy was inserting and she faints in agony. Immediate aftermath, Cuzco is inserted and the opening of uterus where joy juice overflows is exposed.
Next, two cocks are alternately thrown in to the mouth and it is standing fellatio. And cock inserts at the missionary posture. The cock also put into the mouth while the piston continues at the bending, back and M-leg backward woman on top posture.

In addition, other employees are called afterwards and gangbang scene is begun to take. One of the men who drove recklessly puts the finger to anal of AIRI and stirs intensely. Then cock is inserted to anal at the side posture.
The cock is also thrown in the mouth though AIRI ejaculates and opposes. Anal fuck continues at back & backward woman on top posture and AIRI is stimulated intensely in the rectum.
The cock is inserted also in the pussy at the same time by anal fucking at the backward woman on top posture. In addition, she is closed in the mouth with the cock and she faints in agony to three hole fucking.

Cock inserts in anal from back while pussy is poked at woman on top posture. AIRI greatly ejaculates to three hole play that the cock is also thrown in the mouth. Afterwards, fucking at woman on top posture continues and it is vaginal cum shot.
Immediately second cock was inserted at missionary posture and vaginal cum shot was made. The third cock inserted into anal. And semen injected at the side posture after an intense piston.
Immediate aftermath, the fourth cock is inserted in the pussy and vaginal cum shot is made at back posture. In the next fifth insertion, vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture. Labia meat is completely enlarged and anal collapses, too.

However, taking a picture has not ended yet. The new employee is gathered and they ejaculate to the pussy of AIRI who is suppressed by open leg pose. Semen hits labia meat and the ostium of the vagina directly.
Immediate aftermath, the cock is inserted in the vagina and all the semen of the remainder is poured. Her pussy was become muddy by the total 10 cum shot.
Six shots of ten shots forced the villainy play that the cock is suddenly inserted in the vagina and injects. Last is taking a picture of the image for the commercial. AIRI exposes the pussy that beaten up & anal,

and ejaculates with men as "No condom, Vagina cum shot and No correction". And it looks like she knows that a picture is delivered in uncensored, and mind collapsed.
The result eroticism business entry ends in success.
However, the president who was afraid of it is known outside that a shameless woman who even made anal fuck is a secretary and becoming the scandal dismisses AIRI and she is paid in this fucking image DVD as a retirement allowance.


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