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(You Ogura) The Multi Slut


n0346 2008/07/18
You Ogura
The Multi Slut

It is heard that there are a lot of young people who cannot slip out the state of a low income though it serves concurrently as some work in two or more. YOU OGURA with lovely way to talk to depend too much in the lisp is a new figure idol.
YOU usually serves concurrently as the work of tutorial as a female office worker though the character that came to the front naturally and the dynamite tits that seems to be able to split is attractive.
However, all are halfway and the thing with a lot of mistakes of work is blamed and she becomes men's playthings.

A feeling is fine when watch the pitiful appearance that a woman who do not know her place and put her hand to anything although she is awkward is fucked. At the beginning, YOU of the idol who says coming from the distant star receives the interview.
A man gets irritated YOU who make a vague answer for the lewd question of the attitude that make light of person. Men take off the panty and finger the clitoris and finger fuck is made. The joy juice blots lewdly.
A scene changes, YOU runs a mini car and plays happily. She is crazy about it so that seems a genuine fool. YOU of a favorite car is skillfully taken out and putting her in the car and make fucking in the car.

YOU is fucked at back posture and pants. YOU teaches the student study as tutorial on that night. The idol like foolishness is an attitude that changes completely and is severe.
The student who says that he cannot concentrate on study by thinking about lascivious thing is gently led and it is deep kiss. It is an underlying motive that makes the student refreshingly and concentrates on study.
YOU is licked the nipple after the dynamite tits is caressed. When the stocking is tear up and the panty is taken off, pussy is already drenched.

The joy juice that becomes cloudy drips and drops from the vagina entrance immediately after the finger was put. It the next, she ejaculates by intense finger fuck and female ejaculation was made.
And, YOU gropes between man's groins and makes hand job service. It seems that YOU was excited by smelled stink smell and start the fellatio. And after rub service by using dynamite tits, cock is inserted at woman on top posture.
The cock is pierced deeply into the vagina at the M-leg backward woman on top and back posture and she ejaculation. Then it is vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture. YOU rages at the vaginal cum shot not anticipated and abused him.

The image scene is placed and YOU is working in the company. YOU received attention from the superior when there are a lot of mistakes. It is assumed that the purpose is to think only about a lascivious thing and is labeled the fucking employee.
The fucking employee's work is only to offer the body to other employee. YOU is made to take off the panty after stocking is tear. And, pussy that opens greatly is made finger fuck.
Two rotor toys are put in the pussy at the same time and, in addition, the vibs toy is pushed. In continues, the vibs toy is inserted by the backing style and the piston is made intensely.

Next, cock inserts at the missionary posture after cock is put in the mouth and fellatio was made. The cock is inserted in the interior at the bending posture and it is stirred intensely in the vagina.
An obscene word is said many times while she was poked at the back and M-leg backward woman on top posture and semen is injected at missionary posture.
Thick semen flows backward. The second cock is immediately inserted and it is vaginal cum shot at back posture though YOU opposes. Semen drips and drops from the ostium of the vagina with an obscene sound.

The third cock is immediately inserted at missionary posture and vaginal cum shot was made again. The appearance that opposes many times and shouts is pitiful. Immediate aftermath, men gather on surroundings of YOU who was suppressed by open leg pose.
YOU is seriously frightened to the semen actors who erect cock and aim at pussy. However, the cock is inserted in the vagina one after another and the semen poured in the vagina. Her pussy became muddy by total seven cum shots.
Three out of seven inserts in the pussy after hitting the vicinity of the vagina entrance directly and all semen are poured. After the fact, a large amount of backflow semen agglomerates and goes along in anal and drips.

The last is PISS SHOT. YOU excretes impure urination at a dash while standing. YOU feels shy to see the floor where is a large amount of yellow urine. YOU is severely fucked after this as a fucking employee in the company.
It succeeds in the sale at the same time as an idol who came from the pussy star. It popularly ignites and a grand nationwide tour is done.
The pussy is already loose though fucking service is performed to fans in the tour and popularity descends immediately. YOU discontinue an idol and live scantily now as the tutor who is specialized in a body offer.


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