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(Madoka Katsuragi) The endless insult


n0345 2008/07/15
Madoka Katsuragi
The endless insult

Though the things that a beautiful woman athlete becoming the topic is not unusual now, a beautiful woman's assembly member is not few recently either.
It might be a thing that the beautiful woman policeman and the beautiful woman teacher also have the equivalent number though doesn't go out to the table. MADOKA KATUSRAGI is a new female teacher with attractive leg.
A slender body that seems to break by an intense insulting is attracted, too. Starting for the new post at the very beginning, MADOKA is made to students' playthings after she having been insulted by a person concerned with school.

The slut teacher is grubbed even anal by an intense bullying and ejaculates. She fell endlessly while despairing. There is no one though MADOKA entered into the staff room at the first working day.
The memo that directs the course content is put on the desk. Students had already gathered in the classroom and MADOKA was waited for. A doubtful person hears the appearance though the self introduction is finished and the class is started immediately.
MADOKA is followed by the men while coming home and breaks in home. And clothes are taken off and she is made deep kiss though she opposes. Also the panty is taken off and the hole is exposed.

Hips are had in the spank and finger fuck continues by the backing style though she intensely opposes for the clitoris attack. And, the cock is inserted in the mouth and she is made fellatio.
The appearances of silent men from beginning to end fuel fear of MADOKA further. Then cock inserted at the missionary posture.
The cock is inserted one after another at the bending, back and missionary posture and the joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes. Then it is vaginal cum shot after poked at bending posture.

The second cock is immediately inserted and vaginal cum shot was made missionary posture. Immediate aftermath, the third cock is inserted in the pussy where the cock is pulled out and the greatly open and it is vaginal cum shot.
Bubble cloudiness joy juice is oozed out in the ostium of the vagina. Later, MADOKA advances the class though she is perplexed to students who do not expressionlessly talk about anything.
And, MADOKA is surrounded by students while reading the text with the platform. Clothes are taken off while being suppressed and the she was made open leg pose. The panty is taken off and it is finger fuck play.

Also attack of vibs & rotor toy began. The vibs toy is inserted in the pussy and even anal is grubbed by the viibs toy though she opposes.
And the clitoris is stimulated with the electric massage machine while vibs toy inserted in the anal and she ejaculates. A large amount of joy juiced drips from pussy.
In addition, MADOKA is thrown down to the mat and the cock is inserted after the cock is thrown in to the mouth one after another. It is stimulated intensely in the vagina at the missionary, side, back and M-leg woman on top posture.

Next, the cock is inserted in anal at the back posture. Anal fuck continue at the side and backward woman on top posture. In addition, the cock is inserted also in the pussy while the cock inserted into anal by backward woman on top posture.
MADOKA suffers for insulting that closed two holes. In the next, anal fucking was made while cock inserted in the pussy at the woman on top posture. In addition, she is closed in the mouth with the cock and ejaculates to simultaneous three holes play.
The ostium of the vagina and Anal enhanced by seeming the split are miserable. Afterwards, vaginal cum shot was made after hard piston was made at the missionary posture.

The second cock inserted into anus and it was anal fucking at bending posture and made cum shot into anus after hard piston. The third cock is immediately inserted in anal at missionary posture and semen was poured.
Immediate aftermath, the fourth cock is inserted in anal and semen is injected in the rectum. MADOKA who was severely stirred in intestines drips and throws the liquid that mixed joy juice and intestine juice with backflow semen from anal.
The insulting has not ended yet. The cock is pierced to pussy of MADOKA who was suppressed by open leg pose one after another and made vaginal cum shot. The pussy is polluted with the semen of 18 totals.

The eight of all cum shot hits the ostium of the vagina directly. One is inserted in the pussy immediately after hits directly the ostium of the vagina and made vaginal cum shot. In addition, the spilling semen is pushed into the pussy and anal.
The pussy and anal fully opened and collapse completely. The men start a deep kiss & caress to dead tired MADOKA. The insulting continues endlessly. MADOKA is sold away after this by high price as a female teacher who has trained anal.
To tell the truth, this school was The Secret Adversary that trained the slut body and sold it. The results are high and it is said that the body of fresh and the splendid will be got from the broker always.


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