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(Rosa Sato) In-Hospital Fuck


n0344 2008/07/11
Rosa Sato
In-Hospital Fuck

One of the remote causes of the succession of the medical error includes doctor and nurse's lack. ROSA SATO who is attractive in the slender body and pretty features like a half is a nurse.
The medical error let a patient encounter a death trap many times till now in a daily occurrence. However, she makes advances to a rich inpatient without reflection on the next day.
Such a woman who is annoying just to live has the use only as a meat urinal. It lets her regrets that she was born by the disgrace play that tear up the body.

ROSA is requested to offer the body at the same time as she is warned from a doctor severely for medical error. She is made to take off a uniform as it is said by the doctor because she does not want to leave the hospital, and she is caressed a bust.
The panty is taken off after ROSA is made deep kiss and she is made finger fuck by standing back style. In the next, she is put on the consultation seat and the pussy is exposed in the open leg pose.
Man's finger stimulates the clitoris and the joy juice that becomes cloudy is oozed out in the ostium of the vagina and it is standing fellatio. The cock is put in the mouth even the root many times and she suffers and sobs.

Then cock inserts at the standing back posture. The one leg is lifted high and ROSA faints in agony to an intense piston that exposes the uniting part. Afterwards semen is injected after poked at the missionary posture.
After the fact, it is grubbed in the vagina and semen is raked out. It is in hospital that becomes quiet after it turns off lights on that night.
ROSA is restricted hands and feet with the adhesive tape and is fixed to the birth stand in consultation room and three men who did gas mask surrounding.

ROSA is frightened to strange atmosphere. It half became common that ROSA of the duty was played with night after night by patients. The pubic hair can be cut with scissors and, in addition, it shave also with an electric razor.
And it is toy attack. After the clitoris and labia meat are picked up with chopsticks and tweezers, it is sucked with the straw. In addition, vagina hole is enhanced with metallic apparatus.
The vibs toy is put in a expanded vagina and the rotor toy is pressed against the clitoris. Men who drove recklessly insert the rotor toy in the vagina and insert the vibs toy at the same time.

The ostium of the vagina extended by the toy insertion is pitiful. Immediate aftermath, the test tube is inserted and the vagina road where a bubble joy juice overflows is exposed. Also Cuzco is inserted and it is exposed to the opening of uterus.
On the next day, ROSA approaches a certain rich in-patient and she offered the body to the celebration of leaving hospital. She is a frivolous and greedy woman. First of all, cock is sucked and fellatio begins and sucking is continued by the six nine.
And then three men at the time of that intrude into. Men are friend of the patient who died of the medical error of ROSA. They rage and throw in the cock in to the mouth of ROSA and made standing fellatio.

ROSA is thrown down and cock is inserted at missionary posture after she was made to lick three cocks at same time. The uniting part is shown in the bending posture and she ejaculates.
The appearance that the cloudiness joy juice begins to blot from the vagina hole is exposed from the vagina. And the it is vaginal cum shot after piston was made at the side, M-leg backward woman on top, woman on top and back posture.
The second cock is immediately inserted at back posture and semen poured. Immediate aftermath, semen flows backward from the vagina with an obscene sound.

The third cock pushes the backflow semen again in the vagina and fucking begins at the bending posture and vaginal cum shot was made at the side posture. The fourth cock is immediately inserted at the missionary posture and semen was injected.
Though it is ROSA who apologizes for the mistake and asking for pardon, reflection is not seen only with lips and furthermore, it decided to insult her. She is suppressed by the open leg pose and the pussy is expanded greatly.
Patients who gather insert the cock in the vagina one after another and made vaginal cum shot. Total 9 cum shots were made. One shot of nine shots hits the Mons pubis. Her pussy became muddy by the large amount of semen.

The last is PISS SHOT. Though she was squatting down and strains oneself for a while and looks into between groins, urination doesn't go out. It is a scene to which the gesture without fragment of shamefulness either promotes foolishness of ROSA.
The thing that ROSA doesn't have the nurse's license comes to light after this. However, the hospital that feared the exposure of the scandal confines the ROSA to an underground ward.
Disgrace life into which doctor and patient's semen keeps being poured as an eternal meat urinal will be spent in the future.


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