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(Mio Yamazaki) The Insult


n0347 2008/07/22
Mio Yamazaki
The Insult

Though the number of wicked doctors who play a trick to the patient doesn't decrease, the existence of wicked doctor who is looking patient to be only tool of sexual desire cancellation was clarified.
MIO YAMAZAKI who drifts the lascivious aura from a sensual body is a medical practitioner. She is an unexpected woman who makes men who visited the examination hospitalized and confining and makes them to the outlet of the sexual desire.
However, the anger that patients accumulated explodes on a certain day. The pussy is destroyed by the semen injection of 34 totals including 19 continues vaginal cum shot. MIO was made to become silent completely.

At the beginning, it is the examination scene. MIO suitably puts the name of a disease and let a patient hospitalize. A hospitalized men?@are made to do the asceticism life while bound for a long term by the stark-naked.
The abnormal MIO who loves semen that accumulated by endured the ejaculation for long time makes men line up and tastes the cock. And she sucks the cock of the man who is hospitalized on 10th. She sucks cock deliciously while drooling.
A man ejaculates immediately and MIO catches semen on the tongue. A man left the hospital after he had ejaculated. A new patient will be hospitalized again the next day and the cock is played with.

Later, MIO who summoned the two patients and made hand job serves at the same time and request them to make careful licking service.
The pussy of MIO who is made taking off the panty and made open leg pose is already drenched in a large amount of joy juice. MIO got more excited by the careful licking service and sits astride in a face of man.
The pussy that dripped the joy juice that becomes cloudy is strongly pressed. Then cock is inserted at the M-leg woman on top posture after alternately sucking two cocks.

The close up scene that the uniting part where the erected cock thrusts the pussy many times deeply at the missionary, bending, woman on top and back posture is a masterpiece. And, semen is injected into a drenched pussy with the cloudiness joy juice.
The other cock is immediately inserted at missionary posture and vaginal cum shot is made at the bending posture. Immediate aftermath, the pussy is grubbed with the finger and semen is raked out.
In addition, MIO takes semen by the finger and licks it deliciously. She is a helpless abnormal slut. An abnormal woman is not satisfied only by the cock. Masturbation begins when MIO stands in front of the mirror and the white robe is taken off slowly.

She emphatically groped clitoris and pants. In addition, the vibs toy is inserted in the pussy by crawl on all fours. The vibs toy is intensely made the piston and she ejaculates and got acme.
After the fact, report by which in-patients began to rage enters MIO who relaxes in the sofa. Many men who is forced ascetic life is made endurance of ejaculation intrudes into, and MIO is thrown down to the bed and is made fuck at missionary posture.
MIO who is pushed to a lot of the number of men and strange heat is at the mercy of them and the fucking of angry waves begins. The cock is thrown in to MIO one after another at the back, woman on top, missionary and backward woman on top posture.

And it is first vaginal cum shot. The men who drove recklessly try to get in first to insert a cock and the spot is already impossible of collection. 19 continuous vaginal cum shot is forced by the non-stop by missionary, side and many posture.
Labia meat is transformed and the ostium of the vagina is keeping to open. The eyes of MIO who loose strong-minded completely are hollow. It looks like she cannot understand what is happened. However, insult has not ended yet.
Immediate aftermath, MIO is suppressed by open leg pose. Patients gather from other wards and the cock immediately before the ejaculation is inserted in the pussy and made the vaginal cum shot.

The semen of 12 totals is poured in the vagina and the pussy collapses. Some cock inserts in the pussy after it hit directly labia meat and semen is injected into the vagina interior.
Semen flows backward like having cut the weir from the collapsing vagina. Semen and the cloudiness joy juice are in the state of pouring away. The woman who causes mental abnormality is hospitalized in the isolation ward after this.
The name of a disease is vaginal cum shot poisoning. Though it is necessary to give up the cock and make to the rest, reverse-treatment into which much semen is poured every day is made and the result of treatment fails.

Though the hospital disposes MIO who is looking like a disabled person, the pussy completely collapses, and the trader abandons collection because it is in a terrible state. She is left unattended now in the dump site of the hospital.


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