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(Arisa Eendo) The over the limit of Fuck


n0348 2008/07/25
Arisa Eendo
The over the limit of Fuck

It wants to pour a large amount of semen to the RACE QUEEN and drive in her to the moribund state. The TOKYO HOT achieved such a desire. ARISA ENDO is RACE QUEEN with tall in the preeminent style and cute smile.
.She is masochistic constitution and emphasizes to want someone to blame anyway. Men of an unexpected number fucked optimistic woman who does not know fear of the TOKYO HOT and made to pollute her with semen.
Total 113 cum shot splashed to face, mouth, vagina, tits and leg. A big trauma like becoming disgusted of living was left. At the beginning, ARISA who put on clothes of RACE QUEEN makes the pose while answering the interview.

It is leggy and she has an ideal style. Stoking and the panty are taken off and she made the open leg pose. The joy juice that has already become cloudy blots in the pussy.
In addition, she ejaculates by finger fuck and a large amount of cloudiness joy juice gushes. The ball bag also sucks politely by the following standing fellatio. Then cock is inserted at standing back posture after double fellatio.
A large amount of cloudiness joy juice adheres to the cock when she poked at backward woman on top, woman on top and bending posture and vaginal cum shot was made. The second cock is immediately inserted and semen is injected.

Though it is ARISA who becomes pleasant and satisfies it, a special mouthpiece is installed by the mouth immediate aftermath. The expression that is uneasy without understanding it what happens from now on in the state that it is not closed a mouth.
Many actors are seen to gather on surroundings and she fears it seriously. Men ejaculate one after another continuously aiming to woman who is made sit and sticks out her tongue from among mouth.
The semen of 21 totals hits on tongue & the mouth directly. Semen scatters on eyes also and surroundings of the mouth are muddy. In addition, ARISA is left in a cruel thing for a while with a large amount of semen contained in the mouth.

Afterwards it is the insult play that all semen in the mouth is swallowed and licked even for semen that adheres to hair. Men who want to ejaculate and gather cannot already settle it.
ARISA is thrown down to the bed in the state of muddy and the cock is inserted and she ejaculates for the hard piston. After it is stirred in the vagina many times, semen is injected.
The second cum shooting immediately after the cock was pulled out hits labia meat directly. The second cock is inserted in the pussy that drips the backflow semen and it was vaginal cum shot. The labia meat that is enlarged and rolled up is miserable.

In addition, men splashed semen to the leg and the bust in parallel with fucking. 9 to thigh, 6 for tits, 4 intensively to the part where it put on the heel below from the ankle and total 20 cum shot made ARISA became muddy.
Immediate aftermath, the third cock is immediately thrown in at the missionary posture though she is already tired out in the expression of limit and it is vaginal cum shot after it is intensely stimulated in the vagina.
Afterwards, men insert the cock immediately before the ejaculation one after another in the vagina of ARISA who cannot move as a open leg pose and it ejaculates in the vagina of villainy.

The semen of 14 totals is poured and the pussy is a brink of collapse. However, finger fuck is made immediate aftermath and the compound liquid of semen and the joy juice drips. And, she ejaculates to the electric massage machine attack and got the acme.
In addition, underwater glasses are installed in the face. It is the special use that front part was removed so that splashed semen does not run. Men splash semen at water glasses one after another while ejaculation in the vagina is worse.
A large amount of semen of 51 totals is poured. Afterwards, the cock is immediately inserted. The cock is thrown in and is made vaginal cum shot one after another and she faints in agony. The total 3 vaginal cum shot is made.

After the fact, the whole body of ARISA who finally got up is muddy. The feature is changed and it is a state as cannot originate the word. Last is a privilege image to which the scene of facial cum shot is taken with the close up.
The semen collected in underwater glasses melts the make-up and the face is invaded personally. The first smile disappears completely and the appearance that becomes the expression of the dead is projected in detail.
After this, ARISA who completely lost the memory when taking a picture is immediately hospitalized due to memory loss.

ARISA tremble with fear and coming fit when the white and muddy liquid that suggests semen is seen though she works hard at rehabilitation now.


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