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(Asami Nakajima) The Anal Penetrate


n0349 2008/07/29
Asami Nakajima
The Anal Penetrate

Though people who have a social position as lawyer, doctor and so on are obtaining a high income, it is also true that the stress of work is large.
There are a lot of cases which stress accumulates, and run in minor offenses such as a pervert or the hidden camera.
Though Nakashima is a slender beautiful woman doctor, the medical examination is inappropriate and she is the terrible woman who breeds a man at home, and treats it like a slave.

The complaint comes one after another from patients and, as it thought, she is victimized. Saucy woman who look down a man was driven in and was beaten up by the insult play that penetrated to undeveloped anal.
At the beginning, ASAMI examines patients who appeal for physical ailment and come to hospital. Regardless of a bad part, she is having played with a cock by all means and prescribes medicine for inappropriateness.
The men who breed welcome ASAMI when she returns to the home. ASAMI lets men caress a body. She let him lick the leg and make careful licking service while drinking wine. After it is made to serve severely, the two men's cocks are fingered and sucked.

She sucks deliciously. And, she mounts over a man and cock inserts at M-leg woman on top posture. She sucks at another cock in the middle of the fucking at the backward woman on top posture and missionary posture and do not separate it.
Then it is vaginal cum shot and bubble semen flows backward. Later, patients throng to consultation room and they rages for the prescribed medicine doesn't work at all and attacked ASAMI.
ASAMI who is made stark-naked gets to wind the whole body round in a vinyl tube. Two rotor toys are put in the pussy where already drenched at the same time, in addition the clitoris is stimulated and she faints in agony.

In the next, it is vibs toy attack. The vibs toy is inserted also by anal and the other vibs toy is inserted also in the pussy at the same time. She is intensely stirred and ejaculates, and got the acme.
In the next, ASAMI was made to stimulate anal and pussy with big vibs toy at the same time and got the acme, and also she got the acme by the attack of the electric massage machine afterwards. She is the lewd slut such as got acme easily.
After the fact, she is fixed to the lower half of the body with the tape with the toy inserted in the vagina and she leaves alone. The pant voice of ASAM I sounds in consultation room. Afterwards, she is thrown down to the bed and is made fellatio.

The cock is put in the mouth one after another by standing fellatio and she is made to suck them. ASAMI licks politely from ball bag to glans and side stripes. Afterwards, cock inserted at the missionary posture.
ASAMI ejaculates while dripping the joy juice that becomes cloudy. And, she is made acme while cock inserted in the pussy. In addition, the cock is inserted by anal in the bending posture after poked at the back and side posture.
She is penetrated an anal deeply and faints in agony. Spectacle from which cock is put man y time in anus that was expanded is miserable. And, the cock is inserted also in anal with the cock put in the pussy at woman on top posture.

In addition, it is inserted also in the pussy while anal pierced at backward woman on top posture. The pussy and anal are stirred by two hole fucking and she is made acme many times.
In the next, semen was injected in the pussy after fucking at the missionary posture. The second cock is immediately inserted at back posture and vaginal cum shot was made.
The third cock is inserted in the pussy that vomits semen while going into convulsions at the back posture and vaginal cum shot was at once.

Immediate aftermath, the fourth cock is inserted in the pussy in the state of polluted by a large amount of semen and vaginal cum shot was made again. The pussy is just before collapse by consecutive fucking.
However, the fifth cock inserts mercilessly at the bending posture. The pussy that is stirred many times and extends in ugliness is pierced to the interior further and semen is injected.
Immediate aftermath, the sixth cock is inserted at missionary posture and semen is poured. After the fact, ASAMI cannot get up with the groin expanded. A man who is breaded approaches there and inserts the cock, and made vaginal cum shot.

Afterwards, he gladly licks the pussy. The appearance of a man changed to the slave is miserable though ASAMI of consideration faintness is pleased with the thing that a man having snuggled up kindly.
ASAMI is confined to the basement in the hospital and bred after this. She serves men throughout the life while reflecting on a conventional crime. The day when both pussy and anal are insulted until becoming no use might continue.


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