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(Kanako Nishizaki) Meat Urinal


n0350 2008/08/01
Kanako Nishizaki
Meat Urinal

It is common that these days home safe management that the aggravation of the peace and order is demanded depends on the security firm. It is necessary to follow one's personal security by oneself.
KANAKO NISHIZAKI is the woman that lisping talking is characteristic and a quiet atmosphere looks pretty. She was brought to the certain office after scouted and was made sign for contract sheet without knowing what was content.
KANAKO is a woman who doesn't have crisis-management skills and doesn't think about anything. It insulted her at a dash before she ran away.

Send her to the hell in a large quantity of semen of 40 in total including 17 consecutive fucking & vaginal cum shot. KANAKO who was brought to the office was taken off the stocking and panty as said it is body check and pussy is opened.
KANAKO is requested to sign and she is made it to the contract sheet. It is a natural foolish woman who doesn't really think about anything. The cock is put in the mouth and she is made fellatio after finger fuck is made.
And then cock inserted at the standing back posture. Piston continues at the woman on top and missionary posture, and vaginal cum shot was made. The second cock is immediately inserted at missionary posture and semen is injected at the bending posture.

Many men including the actor gather while KANAKO is blank surprise for the unexpected vaginal cum shot. KANAKO who carried to bed gets the whole body fingered and cock is thrown in the mouth one after another.
Then the cock is inserted in the pussy that drips the joy juice after finger fuck is made at the crawl on all four. And the vaginal cum shot is made after poked at the back, missionary and woman on top posture.
Men see the appearance that KANAKO is made piston intensely while rubbing the cock in surrounding of KANAKO. Semen actors drive recklessly immediately though they stand by vigilantly even if semen is poured.

After this, 11 continuous fucking & vaginal cum shot is made by the posture like back, missionary and etc. The smile disappears from KANAKO and she becomes the expression of the pain desperately endured.
The pussy into which total 12 semen is poured by this scene is greatly opened and in the state of ugly. It is the appearance where the staff panics on the site following the next image scene. There is no appearance of KANAKO anywhere.
She hated insult plays more than this and seem to have run away. However, KANAKO who is shutting oneself up in one room in the studio is immediately found. In the next scene, KANAKO is said that she will be gentled and is brought unwillingly in a bed.

And play in one by one was started. The bust is caressed and she is made deep kiss. KANAKO leans a body on a semen actor in peace though she blindfolds. However, many semen actors are sets at the same time again.
Men surround around of the bed and rub the cock. In addition, they make careful licking service and the cock is thrown in to mouth of KANAKO. It was too late though KANAKO who is taken off a blindfold is astonished to see men.
Then cock is immediately inserted at missionary posture. The joy juice that becomes cloudy pulls the string when she was poked at the bending, M-leg woman on top and back posture. And, continuous play & vaginal cum shot of super villainy is made.

The fucking & vaginal cum shot at missionary posture is repeated for a long time. Total 17 cum shots hit continuously directly in the vagina.
A sorrowful shout "I want to return" is not accepted on the way and she turns into the meat urinal only of pouring semen. The pussy pours away semen and labia meat is getting rolled up. However, it has not ended yet.
After the fact, men insert a cock just before the ejaculation to the pussy of KANAKO fixed by open leg pose one after another and made ejaculation in the vagina.

The semen of nine totals is injected further in the vagina and one of them hits labia meat directly.
The inside of vagina and surrounding of the pussy is made dirty by the semen and the expression that she seriously dislikes it and to be sulky is impressive. The last is PISS SHOT while many men are watching.
KANAKO squats down on the chair and open the pussy by the finger and a large amount of urines are excreted. Urine with a dirty fat stripe gushes out for a long time. KANAKO who is made to hear that more men come after this refuses fucking.

However, she is shown renewing the contract sheet signed beforehand. The document is a meat urinal contract of the indefinite limit. KANAKO has already approved to be made vaginal cum shot by many and unspecified men until dying.
It is already too late even if she regrets now. The self body should defend by oneself.


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