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(Miho Goto) Meat Slave


n0353 2008/08/12
Miho Goto
Meat Slave

There may be a lot of lawless women who choose a seat of a rich lover than marry a poor man on nowadays of saying that disparity in wealth will have expanded. MIHO GOTO who has attractive leg is a president secretary.
She is tall and a woman of talent of a preeminent style. Although it thought that she was recognized ability and was adopted, she is urged every day as becoming the mistress from the president.
However, MIHO shows a saucy attitude that keeps refusing the president's welcome proposal. The president who raged will give MIHO the mistress education.

Let her make consciousness that she is the meat urinal that only receiving semen and tease her thoroughly and insult. The appearance which a driven woman exposes foolery, and writhe is the highlight.
At the beginning, she is urged that become a mistress at once though MIHO does the schedule confirmation during a day to the president. However, the woman refuses to the end.
The president who was not able to endure calls the general manager and let him make education to MIHO. It is made taking off clothes immediately though MIHO dislikes it and the bust is caressed. Moreover, she was made deep kiss she opposes.

In addition, the panty is turned over by the open leg pose and the clitoris and pussy are attacked. It the next, the panty is taken off and it is careful licking service. The joy juice drips and drops.
And, the cock is thrown in to the mouth and she is made fellatio. The head is suppressed and the cock is put deeply in the throat. Immediate aftermath, cock is inserted at the standing back posture.
The spectacle that joy juice that becomes cloudy is oozed out in the ostium of the vagina and seems to drips immediately after cock is having been pulled out once is so obscene.

And it is the vaginal cum shot after piston was made at the missionary and bending posture. After a thing, MIHO is lying. However, she is woken up by force and president oneself educates MIHO this time.
Two men of the subordinate join and they tie both the hand and the leg of MIHO with adhesive tape and fix it with open leg pose. MIHO is put the finger in the interior of the vagina and ejaculates. She is made female ejaculation twice continuously.
Then it is toy attack. The clitoris is stimulated while two toys is put in the vagina and she is got acme again. In addition, the clitoris and pussy are stimulated at the same time with the electric massage machine and she got acme again.

After the fact, Cuzco is inserted. The vagina road where is slimy by the joy juice and narrow is enhanced and it is exposed to the opening of uterus. Then it is standing fellatio after moved to the bed.
MIHO who was attacked all at once by four cocks is thrown a cock into in a mouth one after another after double fellatio. And then cock is inserted at the missionary posture.
Her mouth is closed by the cock while fucking continues at the bending, side, back and woman on top posture. And, semen is injected at missionary posture after backward woman on top posture.

The second cock is immediately inserted at the back posture and vaginal cum shot was made. The cock is pulled out once and it inserts again while splashing semen. Semen is poured into the vagina interior.
The third cock is immediately inserted and semen is injected after an intense piston for a long time at the missionary and bending posture. Immediate aftermath, MIHO dislikes from the bottom of her heart and is already an expression of limit.
However, the fourth cock is inserted mercilessly at missionary posture and it is vaginal cum shot. It is drenched in semen that flows backward from pussy and the cloudiness joy juice between groins. However, it has not ended yet.

Next, all members of the staff gather in surrounding of MIHO who is suppressed by open leg pose and the cock immediately before the ejaculation is inserted in the vagina one after another. The ejaculation in the vagina of villainy is made.
The semen of five totals is poured in the vagina. Two of them are inserted in the pussy after it ejaculates in the mons pubis. Semen is poured into the interior of the womb.
Immediate aftermath, the pussy of MIHO of lift hip up pose is enhanced by the finger and men splashed semen to her vagina. A large amount of semen of 15 totals is poured.

The overflowing semen is pushed into the vagina interior by the finger and, in addition, the rotor toy is inserted. MIHO is the expression that seems to be hard seriously.
Immediate aftermath, MIHO is hold in his arms and semen flows backwards with obscene sound when it is grubbed with the finger in the vagina. The president is disillusioned to a shameless and too dirty spectacle.
The president abandons the mistress contract because it may be caused to drop the reputation of the company if such a dirty woman is the mistress. And, MIHO ties by the lead and it puts her on the door in the company.
Though it writes "Meat Slave, Please has it freely", there are not any person to bring back it yet and it seem to have been left unattended.


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