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(Miu Inoue) Lewd Model Miu


n0354 2008/08/15
Miu Inoue
Lewd Model Miu

There are all sorts of model. The playful woman who has purpose only to approach a famous entertainer is not few either. MIU INOUE who drifts lascivious atmosphere is an active current model.
Though work with the favorite good looking actor is decided and it goes into raptures, it was a trap to entrap a stupid woman.
In order to teach the severity of work to new figure model with extreme confusion of public and private matters, it thoroughly insulted her by many men.

39 semen was poured into the pussy after pull woman who seriously dislikes it around and stirring it until the vagina hole is transformed. At the beginning, MIU makes shape good pose at the photo studio.
Taking a picture will end before long and the instruction is received so that the following work may start immediately from the manager. It is work with the favorite good looking entertainer.
Though MIU waits for the other party while getting excited, actually appears was two awkward men who never see before.

MIU refuses work as it is deferent from original explanation and abuses men and she is immediately suppressed though she tries to return. Men who raged at arrogant attitude of MIU take off her clothes and begin to grope her body.
Though the woman who hates dirty men and dislikes even touching intensely opposes, the panty is taken off and a lovely pussy is fingered in the open leg pose. The clitoris is fingered and the joy juice drips.
In addition, vagina is stirred by finger fuck and she ejaculates. It the next, the cock is thrown in the mouth and standing fellatio is made. Men do not pardon it though the interior of the throat is pressed with the cock and she suffers.

And cock is inserted at the standing back posture. Dirty semen actors prepared to drive in MIU further enter a room one after another while cock is being inserted at M-leg backward woman on top posture.
Men get excited much by foolish appearance that skewered at woman on top and missionary posture of MIU and touching whole body of MIU. Semen is poured into the vagina of MIU at the same time as opposing the caress of semen actors.
Though MIU is surprised and be amazed at sudden vaginal cum shot, men insert the cock at missionary posture. MIU who was rubbed cock against body and licked toe concurrently is seriously opposing.

However, actors who drove recklessly cannot already settle it. Men thrown cock in vagina one after another and pour the semen repeatedly and total continuous 12 fucking & vaginal cum shot is made. Semen flows backward from the pussy many times.
However, it is pushed with the cock in every case and inside of the vagina is full of semen. MIU who was stirred in vagina with many cocks as no return to origin and can not close finally becomes an expression to which it is frightened.
After the fact, having thought liberating is a moment, MIU is push down to the bed and is made open leg pose. The attack of the electric massage machine is begun by the pussy severely beaten up.

It rages intensely for simultaneous stimulation by two and she got acme. Next, the vibs toy is inserted at lift hip up pose. She is made acme again by the maximum vibration of the vibs toy.
The appearance that opens mouth and exclaim is quite different from the expression shown at the beginning of taking a picture and it cannot be thought the same person.
The strange face whether the animal is shouting is an impact image of the power full marks. And then cock is inserted at the missionary posture.

Labia meat gets rolled up the cloudiness joy juice gushes when piston is made at the bending, woman on top, M-leg backward woman on top, side and back posture. The first vaginal cum shot was made at the side posture.
The second cock immediately inserted at missionary posture and pours the semen. The third cock is immediately inserted at missionary posture and vaginal cum shot is made at back posture.
The fourth cock is immediately inserted though the semen flows backward with an obscene sound and vaginal cum shot was made. The fifth cock is immediately inserted and semen is injected. However, it has not ended yet.

After the fact, she is fixed by the open leg pose. In addition, men who gather poured semen aim at Mons pubis & vagina meat one after another. After it ejaculates, the cock is inserted in the vagina and pure the reaming semen.
Between groins became muddy by the total 10 cum shots. Immediate aftermath, the spilling semen is painted all over the groins. MIU in state that exhausted and cannot move is to be waste disposal as it is.
She become a homeless person, and there is not remind of model at all now, and also it is said that she is forced to life of the most base that to offer the body to the road dweller, and get food.


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