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(Mai Tominaga) Anal fuck


n0355 2008/08/19
Mai Tominaga
Anal fuck

Though there is the woman who is impertinent in all world, when it is a model of a preeminent style, sauciness is also well above the common level. MAI TOMINAGA is current super-model who active all over the world.
A slender body of 179cm is attractive. However, the attitude that is haughty by the program which she appeared from beginning to end. It is an oppressive attitude that MAI looks down on staff's man and abused finally.
It is necessary to punish to such a woman. It insults her by many men and deprives of the pride of the model. It planted awareness as the meat slave by a insult play to skewer a anus and pussy at the same time.

The thing that the model who put on airs made a fool of a man is regretted and the appearance asking for the permission is sensational. At the beginning, it is studio of program recording.
It is an attitude without the motivation from beginning to end though MAI is invited by applause by the entire staff. However, the program manages to end safely by other performers' following.
Immediate aftermath, MAI who is made a pass at by one staff thoroughly abuses a man. A man to whom existence was denied rages and attacks MAI. MAI who is made taking off clothes and it tore up stockings seriously dislikes and opposes.

However, the cock is pushed into the mouth after pussy is fingered from back. Then cock is inserted at standing back posture after fellatio. Moreover she is poked at the missionary posture after the leg is lifted high and the piston is made intensely.
The next scene can see the uniting parts well by the under angle and it is so excited. Then it is vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture. Immediately after thick semen overflowing in ostium of the vagina, the second cock is inserted.
Then semen is injected at missionary posture after intensely stirring in the vagina at missionary, woman on top and side posture. After the fact, though MAI is transferred to another bed, there are strange men there.

Men suppress MAI by the open leg pose and insert the cock in the pussy one after another. After the piston is intensely made, the ejaculation is made in the vagina.
MAI is poured continuously the semen of 12 totals into the vagina at the missionary and back posture. MAO who is changed posture many times and was made vaginal cum shot is completely escape power. However, it has not ended yet.
The image scene is placed, MAI put on a black lingerie and made open leg pose. MAI who is turned over panty and is stimulated pussy with the rotor toy ejaculates. Immediate aftermath, the finger is put in anal and she faints in agony.

In addition, the vibs toy is inserted in the pussy and anal by crawl on all fours at the same time. MAI desperately endures disgrace that even anal is grubbed. In the next, they move to the mat and the cock is inserted at missionary posture.
After bending posture, the cock is thrown in to anal at back posture. Though it penetrates deeply through anal and struggles, she is stirred more intensely in the rectum by M-leg woman on top posture.
And, the cock is put in the pussy at the same time. Two holes are closed and MAI faints in agony. Next, anal is also skewered while cock is putting in the pussy at woman on top posture.

In addition, mouth is also closed and the disgrace play of the simultaneous three holes attack is made. In continues, the cock is inserted in the pussy at the woman on top posture and semen is poured.
The second cock immediately put in the pussy by missionary posture. It inserts in anal on the way and it stirs it intensely and the rectum is stimulated. And, the pussy is stimulated at missionary posture again and semen is injected.
The third cock is immediately inserted at missionary posture and it is vaginal cum shot. Immediate aftermath, men insert the cock one after another in the pussy of MAI of the open leg pose and semen is poured in the vagina.

The vagina becomes muddy by the 15 cum shot. Three of them inserted in the pussy after it ejaculate in the Mons pubis. Semen is pushed into the vagina interior. The last is PISS SHOT. MAI crouch down and a small amount of urine is excreted.
She wipes between a wet groins in the tissue off. It is a calm attitude which whether urinates in the rest room at home.
After this, MAI become sick that semen stay in the vagina because of many vaginal cum shot was made and she is prohibited vaginal cum shot by the doctor.

On the other hand, the belonging office abandons MAI and sells at a sacrifice her to the small and weak production as a vaginal cum shot model. MAI manages to get it over by using anal though vaginal cum shot is done unavoidable and she is embarrassed.
Full popularity is being kept by a mania as a special model as anal cum shot now.


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