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(Saori,Saya,Yukari,Arisa) THE C.A. 2008 Part1


n0356 2008/08/22
THE C.A. 2008 Part1

We are sorry to have kept you waiting! It is gangbang special in year 2008 of customary. The beautiful slut of the ace class is confused, it ejaculates, and love juice is scattered.
The scene of the sumptuous feast is the aviation industry where competition is intense. The TOKYO HOT Airline casts the 4 cabin attendant who is beauty and distinguished for a style at a stretch to beat the other companies.
It aims at the customer acquisition. Four beautiful women were chosen, they are SAORI TODA, SAYA KIZAKI, YUKARI NOMURA and ARISA ENDO.

Cabin attendant who learnt body offered service by the teacher's severe guidance push their way to reveal the limbs, and develops excessive service. Beautiful women overawed by a strange atmosphere of gangbang scene expose unbelievable foolery.
SAORI meets with an owner in an airport and conspires to let CA offer the body by new service for passenger acquisition forcibly.
Later, SAYA, YUKARI and ARISA of CA of the junior who is followed as TODA said is called to the owner's house and will be mentioned about a future policy. It is instantly surrounded by teachers and the special training starts.

The owner takes charge of SAORI and other three are trained thoroughly one by one. CA who are made taking off stockings and panty are enhanced pussy with toy from behind and is made finger fuck.
The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes from the pussy of YUKARI in the continuing rotor toy & electric massage machine attack. SAORI goes into convulsions the whole body and ejaculates then is made acme.
Immediate aftermath, Cuzco is inserted for all by the open leg pose. In the vagina of YUKARI is drenched in a large amount of cloudiness joy juice. In the next, the vagina pressure gauge is put in all vaginas and it is measurement of vagina pressure.

The cabin attendants are exposed measurements and they are warned to strengthen a vagina as basics of the service. And three cocks are made standing fellatio sequentially one by one. SAORI who was put cock in throat deeply sobs many times.
In addition, SAORI voluntarily expands the pussy on the side and she urinates. The expression of YUKARI at a loss for sudden foolery of the senior CA is impressive.
Cabin attendants who end the training of the first stage immediately serve the passenger of business class. They kneel and put cock of men who sit on the seat in the mouth and begun sucking.

It is heard that a special bonus is provided by passenger's satisfaction rating and they suck desperately while hanging a large amount of slaver down. YUKARI makes service by using mouth for two continuously.
SAORI and ARISA made customer satisfaction by using tongue and SAYA is made it by hand job service. YUKARI achieves three continuous attacks at the end. After mouthful cum shot was made, all the members immediately squeeze semen by a cleaning fellatio.
On the other hand, the executive director and the management section head were planning the coup to ruin the owner.

Though YUKARI who was called is tempted into coup and consents, body is groped by men because it is said that the unity of three people is important. A large amount of love juice is gushed at the same time as acme by intense finger fuck.
Then cock is inserted at the standing back posture after fellatio. An obscene sound leaks in the vagina immediately after the cock was inserted at woman on top posture and semen poured into the vagina at the missionary posture.
YULARI then received two vaginal cum shot at the last. The owner begins 3P play with SAORI and ARISA at that time. SAORI licks cock and ARISA licks ball bag. Then it is simultaneous fellatio by two. It is a scene to make man's romance felt.

Next, the cock is inserted in SAORI at M-leg backward woman on top posture and vaginal cum shot was made at the missionary posture.
ARISA sticks fast to the pussy and is a scooping taking of semen after she licks the cock that pulled out from pussy and made mouth-to-mouth feeding semen in SAORI.
After the fact, SAORI also participates in training and 5P play starts though three teachers come in new figure training of ARISA.

Two people are inserted cock at woman on top posture at the same time after fellatio and poked at the backward woman on top and bending posture. The labia meat of ARISA clinging to a cock is obscene. And semen is injected into both SAORI and ARISA.
The second cock is personally inserted in pussy of ARISA. She was poked intensely at bending posture. And the terrible play that beautiful women are beaten up, and it is snatched energies develops endlessly.
Hard image like tremble is best of series without doubt!


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