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(Mari Ogata) The Throwaway Slut


n0358 2008/08/29
Mari Ogata
The Throwaway Slut

It is heard that the number of joking women who treat a man like the pet has increased recently as woman's position improves. MARI OGATA is a beautiful woman of the orthodox school with attractive the strain skin.
She is arrogant and do as her please as like treat boyfriend like slave. However, such a thing cannot be forgiven forever. The TOKYO HOT cauterizes her with moxa because it was harmful to the society when leaving it.
The woman who doesn't have the flattery to a man is insulted thoroughly. The pitiful appearance that fucked intently in a miserable expression is must see. MARI is absorbed in evil doing as let man go to shopping and living in nakedness.

She makes a false charge when different bread was bought and the abused thing is an everyday experience.
A certain day, a pet man who has been compelled endurance of MARI is witnessed a miserable appearance by the senior and reflects and he rise himself and try a counterattack together. If a man becomes serious, it is easy thing to treat stupid women.
MARI is easily held down and put off clothes and nipple is licked. In addition, the panty is taken off at crawl on all fours and pussy & anal is opened.

The panty that is made to take off is put in to the mouth and she is made finger fuck by the open leg pose. The joy juice that becomes cloudy personally gushes from the pussy with an obscene sound.
MARI seriously dislikes it when a man licked a large amount of joy juice that is gushing joyful. And, the cock is thrown in the mouth and fellatio is made.
Though the cock is pushed and she opposes many times, two cocks are sucked at the same time and she suffers. Then cock is inserted at the missionary posture.

The piston is made at woman on top, standing back and bending posture and the spectacle that the cloudiness joy juice is bolts and falls down to anal at each piston is obscene. And, vaginal cum shot is made at missionary posture after an intense piston.
A man who MARI has severely attend on MARI up to now easily transfers her to the senior immediately after vaginal cum shot. If women are bullied once, it is the valueless existence that it does not need immediately.
A man who gets MARI immediately begins insulting with the other two men after the image scene. The clothes of MARI who was expression in sulky though she was made to sit straight are taken off and it is careful licking service and deep kiss.

And then it is rotor toy attack. MARI who was pushed two rotor toys in the vagina by open leg pose and stimulated clitoris pants loudly and the lower half of the body is gone into convulsions and she was made acme.
In addition, she is stimulated between groins with six rotor toys at a dash and MARI ejaculates. The pussy is drenched in the continuing vibs toy attack.
Though MARI is tired out, she is stimulated between groins at the same time with four electric massage machines and she faints in agony. A large amount of joy juice drips. In the next, cock is pushed in the mouth one after another and fellatio is made.

Though she service desperately with the mouth and the hand, three cocks are licked at the same time.
And cock insert at the missionary posture. The cock is put in the mouth while the pussy is being intensely stirred at bending, backward woman on top, back and side posture.
Fellatio continues, too. And then first vaginal cum shot is made at missionary posture. The second cock is personally inserted at woman on top posture and vaginal cum shot is made as well. Then cock is inserted at back posture soon.

The uniting part is pure-white in the cloudiness joy juice and the backflow semen. The third vaginal cum shot is made at missionary posture. After a thing, MARI is lying wearily while pouring away semen from a vagina.
However, it is heard that there is a cruel woman and angered men were gathered. The cock immediately before the ejaculation is pushing into pussy of MARI who is suppressed by open leg pose one after another and vaginal cum shot was made.
The pussy which the semen of seven totals is poured is open widely and became muddy. And, semen drips and throws from the pussy that is in state of the slack shrinkage. Foolish slut is not needed any longer after vaginal cum shot was made.

MARI is wrapped with the sheet and abandoned as it is. After the fact, it is image of interview. MARI laughs with a smile after she is fucked & made vaginal cum shot many times by many strange men and was polluted.
It seems to have been destroyed in the brain. Thereafter, a saucy MARI is transfigured. MARI becomes an obedient woman so as to enlarge a pussy immediately when she sees a man. Slut of too saucy are expelled one after another.
Please expect TOKYO HOT that widely acts in order to fill the world with the slave woman in the


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