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(Saori,Saya,Yukari,Arisa) THE C.A. 2008 Part2


n0357 2008/08/26
THE C.A. 2008 Part2

The body offered service of CA that TOKYO HOT Airline introduced into the competition to win seems success. Service that 4 C.A. of SAORI TODA, SAYA KIZAKI, YUKARI NOMURA and ARISA ENDO board is always in the state of overcapacity.
Top management trains the 4 C.A further. It brings up to the meat urinal which any guest can be pleased and aims at a further leap of the Hawaii route acquisition etc.
The state it is polluted from head to foot, and to lose mind and body by the semen of men of rabble after gangbang which hole is stirred to beautiful women is exciting. The image starts from the place where ARISA is fucked at bending posture.

Semen is injected after an intense piston. ARISA is personally help up and is suppressed by the open leg pose with SAORI who was vaginal cum shot immediately before.
Then many men gather there. It aims at the pussy and vaginal cum shot is made one after another. SAORI was poured total 10 cum shots and five of ten inserted in to pussy after it ejaculate to Mons pubis.
TARISA is splashed total 12 cum shots, and seven of them hit Mons pubis & Labia Meat directly. After the fact, ARISA fingers the pussy and masturbates. Then she got the acme while being made between groins dirty by semen.

In the next scene, SAYA is called by directors due to the mistake of work. She is pressed to take the responsibility and clothes are taken off and she is made finger fuck & clitoris attack by the open leg pose.
A bubble joy juice gushes from the pussy. In next, cock inserted at back posture after standing fellatio and semen is injected at missionary posture after backward woman on top and side posture.
The second cock is immediately inserted and vaginal cum shot was made twice. And, the owner orders costume play to four C.A. for the Hawaii route acquisition in addition to the new service. It is a black bikini that was prepared.

It is made wearing the high cut swimwear that the pubic hair and the nipple seem to overflow only into ARISA. And, it takes a picture of the poster for sales promotion against the background of the pool.
Immediate aftermath, 4 ladies who was change of clothes to Race queen costume made the body entertain for executives in order to acquire the official airline of F1.
It lines up personally in the open leg pose, the panty is taken off and finger fuck is made. The cock is continuously thrown in one by one by the mouth and standing fellatio is made.

The spectacle that she sucks the cock hard though she seriously dislikes while being slapped the face by the cock is pitiful. ARISA pants for the careful licking service behind and YUKARI ejaculates being thrust the finger to the vagina interior.
Fucking starts here and there. SAORI is closed in the mouth with the cock while being fucked at missionary posture and ARISA and YUKARI are skewered at the backward woman on top posture.
Four people are closed with the cock one after another and there cannot already be settled. Each 2 shots total 8 cum shots is made and a large amount of semen poured in to the pussy of them. After the fact, SAYA and YUKARI made the open leg pose.

Men crowd there and the cock is inserted in the pussy one after another and vaginal cum shot was made. SAYA received 6 vaginal cum shot, YUKARI received 5 vaginal cum shot and inside of vagina of them are become muddy by semen.
After the fact, semen is excreted by power of pussy. Afterwards, the body entertainment is made immediately to the passenger. SAORI is crawling on SAYA, and ARISA is crawling on YUKARI. And, they waited that semen is poured to the face.
And, men who gather push one's way to make facial cum shot. SAORI is made muddy by total 33 cum shot. And nine of all splashed to the hair. Total 31 cum shot pours down over YUKARI and four hits the hair directly.

The dripping semen pours down on face & mouth of SAYA and ARISA mercilessly. A smile disappears from four faces, and it is in state of petrifaction. In addition, the cock is inserted in vagina of SAORI and SAYA.
Then vaginal cum shot is made to the pussy that severely beaten up of SAYA. The enlarged labia meat is miserable. Four people finish general work in this and break up in the state of standing uncertain while made dirty by semen.
The achievement of TOKYO HOT Airline soars sky-high thereafter. But several-time flights are limits for C.A. who overworks pussy though management, the stockholder, and the passenger are also satisfied.

However, there are a lot of women who yearn to C.A. It trains a new woman in sequence and use and throws it away.
TOKYO HOT Airline extends the achievement further because the labor cost doesn't high either and a foolish woman of the CA applicant increases rapidly, too.


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