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(Yura Muto) The Whine Slut


n0359 2008/09/02
Yura Muto
The Whine Slut

It is a caution needed in the woman who is get into one's stride and grows impudent when it has sweet face. It may be robbed of it to social status much less all property. YURA MUTO is the mistress of president of major company.
She is an owner with ideal body of slender body with dynamite tits. YURA embezzle the money of the company after having interfered in an important project in spite of a lover. As a result, the company goes bankrupt by achievements aggravation.
She is made a laughingstock by the creditor who flocked. Misunderstanding woman is thoroughly bullied. She was made to confess and pushed down further in the bottom by a cruel insulting. At the beginning, YURA is coaxing to the president.

YURA is not satisfied only in a thing and insists to leave a new project. The dynamite tits is pressed against the face of the president who hesitates and she coax forcibly. In addition, after she extends over the face, the cock is stimulated.
She fingers as expand the urethra and stretch the skin. Then she sucks the cock after hand job service and lick ball bag as well. And, the cock is voluntarily led and inserted at woman on top posture.
The love juice that becomes cloudy drips from the ostium of the vagina and labia meat adsorbs the cock. And it is vaginal cum shot at bending posture. YURA who let the president partly accept a demand by force seems satisfy.

YURA is called to stop by a man immediately after having gone out of the president room.
She is threatened the action that does not know the social position of the lover to the material as getting work by temporizing way that called the body offer and embezzle the money of the company. And,
the cock is thrown in to the mouth and she is made fellatio. The spectacle to lick glans by the tip of the tongue politely many times is obscene. And the man ejaculates on tongue of YURA.

YURA is making suck the cock immediately after the ejaculation and made cleaning fellatio. It keeps sucking until semen is completely wiped and taken. After the continuing image scene, YURA is surrounding by men and is a bemused expression.
The president disappears immediately after the company is dishonored though men wait for the president. There is no returning sign at all. In addition, men know the thing to which YURA is mistress of president and had embezzled money of company and rage.
Men's anger is not calmed down though YURA becomes a stark-naked and begs permission, and the pussy is fingered in the open leg pose. The rotor toy is pushed in the vagina after finger fuck is made and the clitoris is stimulated.

In the next, vibs toy is inserted at crawl on all fours. And, the electric massage machine is pressed between groins by open leg pose and she ejaculates.
Then, she was made acme. The pussy is a sloppy opened right and left and the opening ostium of the vagina is fully exposed. The labia meat which is crushed and transformed is also indecent.
Next, she is re1uested to mount large-scale dildo fixed on desk and YURA inserts dildo at woman on top pose. The waist is moved and dildo is put in and out many times. She endured disgrace that the uniting part is seen.

And, cock is thrown in to the mouth after they moved to bed and fellatio was made. She keeps sucking the cock hard. Immediate aftermath, cock is inserted at back posture. YURA is made double fellatio while being intensely poked from back.
In addition, the cock is inserted at lift hip up posture after missionary posture. The piston is made while being shown the uniting part. Then semen is injected at missionary posture after poked at back, backward woman on top and woman on top posture.
The second cock is personally inserted at missionary posture. YURA originates a painful pant voice and vaginal cum shot is made at bending posture. The third cock is personally inserted at bending posture and semen is injected after an intense piston.

Immediate aftermath, other creditors gather and they attack YURA in order to make her laughingstock. The cock immediately before the ejaculation is inserted one after another in the pussy of YURA who is suppressed by open leg pose.
And vaginal cum shot was made, total ten cum shots made into vagina. One of them inserted in the vagina after it ejaculates in the Mons pubis. Semen is pushed into the vagina interior. The pussy that is poured a large amount of semen collapses.
Semen flows backward from the pussy that widely opened. After the fact, YURA is hold in his arms and is made finger fuck. An impure liquid that semen mixes with the cloudiness joy juice gushes from the pussy.

The overworked pussy is unpopular and the purchaser has not shown up yet though the YURA is sold away to slut body market after this for the debt collection.
The only cash income of YURA is only proceeds of the pictures which was taken when she was insulted. If only the interest swells out as it is without being sold, the debt full payment is going to become it 100 years later.


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