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(Miki Nishihara) The Fitness Slut


n0360 2008/09/05
Miki Nishihara
The Fitness Slut

It snarls at surrounding man while even working when there is a thing doesn't like. It has the gluttonousness to flatter with a person with the power directly only as for such a foolish woman. MIKI NISHIHARA of C.
A. is a slender beauty with attractive leg. It is a daily to scold the passenger who does not follow a rule. However, it falls into the predicament by slapping the major shareholder.
The saucy woman who hates to flatter a man is made to surrender and insulted thoroughly. After having torn up the delicate body, it drove her more and collapsed mind.

At the beginning, MIKI slaps to the passenger who plays a game and uses the cellular phone inside the plane. Even though it doesn't follow the rules, it is unprecedented that C.A. uses violence on a passenger.
Though a man reversely anger, MIKI completely underestimate the passenger, and is calm. However, MIKI changes suddenly and apologizes for the attitude personally as soon as she knows that a man is a major shareholder in the company.
It is a temporizing, greedy woman. However, man's anger is not calmed down and he took off clothes of MIKI and start caress her bust. It is made taking off the panty and open the pussy by the open leg pose and MIKI is made finger fuck though she opposes.

In addition, the clitoris is fingered at crawl on all fours and she faints in agony. In the next, the cock is thrown in the mouth and fellatio is made. Ball bag is also politely licked. And, the cock is inserted at back posture.
A large amount of joy juice that becomes cloudy blots when the leg is lifted and the piston continues. And then it was vaginal cum shot at missionary posture after poked at M-leg backward woman on top and woman on top posture.
Immediate aftermath, the ostium of the vagina that wriggles strangely is obscene. After the fact, MIKI is called by captains. Captains rage at a shameless action of fucking during the flight.

It is concluded that it is not possible to put MIKI out in front of the passenger until she changes attitude of work. Reeducating is personally started.
After stocking is tear up, MIKI is turned over the panty and the pussy immediately after vaginal cum shot is exposed. The finger is put in the vagina and finger fuck is made though she intensely opposes.
In the next, MIKI is requested to mount over the dildo that is fixed on the floor. MIKI voluntarily lowers the waist and inserts the dildo in the pussy.

MIKI cannot be doing a stand to the stimulation of the dildo that presses the vagina interior and ejaculates. There is being sure not to be permitted, hips are had in the spank, and she pants loudly though MIKI supplicates pardon.
And then Cuzco is inserted by open leg pose. The vagina road and the opening of uterus enhanced by the dildo are exposed. Next, a large amount of joy juice gushes when two vibs toy are thrown in at the same time.
In the next, it is intensely stirred with the vibs toy and it is beaten up in the vagina. Immediate aftermath, she ejaculates to the electric massage machine attack by the open leg pose and was made acme.

After the fact, cock is personally put in the mouth and she is made standing fellatio though she is tired out. After the head is suppressed and the cock is put many times, MIKI suffers for the double fellatio and a large amount of slaver drips.
Immediate aftermath, the president appears and he participates in reeducating. After MIKI having been made fellatio badly, cock is inserted in the pussy at back posture. And, semen is injected at missionary posture.
The second cock is personally inserted at M-leg backward woman on top posture. And it is vaginal cum shot at missionary posture after MIKI was made a piston intensely so that a delicate body seemed to be broken.

The third cock immediately inserted at missionary posture and it was vaginal cum shot. Immediate aftermath, the fourth cock is inserted at missionary posture.
Semen is injected at the bending posture to pussy of MIKI who made a loud halloo, writhes, and goes mad.
However, it has not ended yet. New employee's men gather in surroundings of MIKI who is suppressed by the lift hip up pose and the cock immediately before the ejaculation is inserted in the pussy one after another and splash the semen in the vagina.

Pussy of MIKI is poured the semen of 11 totals and collapses. After it ejaculates in the vicinity of the vagina entrance, four of them are inserted in the vagina. The villainy play that pushes semen deeply is made.
All the semen that spills in the vagina is pushed in the vagina by the finger. Immediate aftermath, finger fuck is made and the backflow semen gushes. The compound liquid of semen and the cloudiness joy juice pours down on face of MIKI.
MIKI demotes from C.A. to the person in charge of the lavatory after this. She is left the cleaning of the men's room & cock in the airport and in-flight.
It is scheduled to be thrown away from inside the plane to the sea at right time when she becomes crazy by the smell semen of poor men being injected every day.


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