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(Aya Takahashi) The young & pure pussy


n0362 2008/09/12
Aya Takahashi
The young & pure pussy

If woman piles the age, she becomes arrogant though a middle age divorce that a wife who marries for years thrusts note of divorce at a husband became the topic for a certain period of time.
The training from when she is young is important to continue to keeping her as an obedient woman. AYA TAKAHASHI is the beautiful girl who was a student to just until recently. The strained fresh appearance lit the fire devils' wicked minds.
It tormented AYA mercilessly after having coaxed a nymph who doesn't understand what is going on at all. It tore up the na?ve body by use up all villainy menus.

AYA who was scouted by brute Kimura enters the room though she is not made to hear what will be done in detail. She is made to change into the uniform of the female high school student in front of a camera with a tense look.
The appearance to change clothes in feeling shy is fresh and it is the taking a picture. A man approaches suddenly and made deep kiss though taking a picture by a lovely pose continues.
It is stimulated between groins over the panty after clothes are taken off and the nipple is caressed. In the next, the panty is taken off and the rotor toy is put in the pussy by the open leg pose.

AYA pants while shaking the lower half of the body when the clitoris is attacked at the same time. And it is standing fellatio. She licks from glans to side line. After it is made to lick severely, cock is inserted at standing back posture.
After the one leg is lifted and the piston is done, more pistons are made at M-leg backward woman on top and woman on top posture.
It is stirred in the vagina while being expanded labia meat right and left in next missionary posture and vaginal cum shot was made at bending posture.

The cock pulled out after play is pierced several times and semen is injected into the vagina interior. After the fact, AYA who is tired out with the pussy made dirty manages to stand up and faces the keeping from room.
AYA is completely depressed by fuck and vaginal cum shot though she was heard only that it took a picture.
AYA hardly eats the box lunch. AYA is amazed at an intrusion of sudden men though the smile is shown in the continuing taking a picture of swimming wear. She is tied up both hands with adhesive tape without an interval to oppose and is made deep kiss.

And pussy was greatly opened at the open leg pose. Then rotor toy is inserted after finger fuck and she pants.
AYA faints in agony to the continuing electric massage machine attack and a painful voice is uttered with shaking the lower half of the body and is made acme. The joy juice hanging down toward the anal is also indecent.
Immediate aftermath, Cuzco is inserted and the opening of uterus is exposed. It gets excited by the spectacle that the joy juice begins to blot from the opening of uterus of a little opening.

Then, cock is thrown in the mouth and standing fellatio is made. After three cock is being sucked one after another, the cock is pierced to the interior of the throat many times.
In addition, disgrace play to which cock is put on head at the same time in continuing double fellatio.
Next, she is push down on the mat and the cock is inserted at missionary posture and piston continue at bending, back, M-leg backward woman on top and woman on top posture.

AYA is rubbed intensely in the vagina while being said an obscene word, and she writhes and suffers. Then semen poured in the pussy at missionary posture.
The second cock personally inserts at backward woman on top posture and vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture. The third cock is also inserted at once and semen injected. However, it doesn't end by this.
The pussy where is in state of beaten and horrible is greatly opened and fixed by the open leg pose. Men who hear that it is possible to make vaginal cum shot in pure young vagina and gathered ejaculate to the pussy that widely open.

Immediately after ejaculating in Mons pubis once, it inserts in the vagina. Semen is pushed into the womb. Pussy where total 11 semen injected collapses. After labia meat that become muddy by semen moves in obscenity once, it becomes silent, too.
However, it personally goes directly to the following place. Life into which semen is injected on many place in a day of the future continues. Already her schedule occupied until the three years future.
The nationwide fuck & vaginal cum shot tour has been decided, too. However, it is the heavy schedule of fuck & vaginal cum shot without the rest. The period until the pussy collapses completely is not long at all either.
As it thought, AYA become useless during the tour and be left in the locale. The lifestyle that is made fucking & vaginal cum shot by a man of passing is being sent now.


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