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(Ryoko Saeki) Fuck the young Slut


n0363 2008/09/16
Ryoko Saeki Fuck the young Slut
Words of "The Rial" right apply to it this time. One young lady came to Mr. Kimura one month ago in a hurry because money was necessary. She is a university student of 20 years who also has only three person number of experiences and seems serious. Mr. Kimura does custom of a HAMEDORI with a proud speech skill. However, it seems to be insufficient in the guarantee of HAMEDORI, Mr. Kimura made her to approve appearance to the TOKYO HOT. And RYOKO SAEKI enters the studio with the expression that froze a little on the photography day. Then, without understanding what is done ?c. Of course, it is the TOKYO HOT staff of cruel villainy that waited there. It told severely to a body of RYOKO how the world of adult earning money momentarily was a severe thing. RYOKO who entered the studio is an uneasy expression. RYOKO does not understand what she will do at all though she came with Mr. Kimura for the money. Photography preparations go steadily in the circumference, the uneasiness of RYOKO raises more. An expression that seems to be uneasy doesn't change though change of clothes in front of the camera is refused to be shameful and lunch is served before taking a picture. It was the terrible world that such usual female college student enters the studio of the east heat and waits to be penetrated by a cock. And, she heads for the room for which the actor waits finally. The strain of RYOKO is at the peak. RYOKO enters the state that anything cannot be spoken and the thing projected with the camera is refused. And, she is made deep kiss and rage, and opposes though clothes are taken off. The panty and stocking are taken off, and she intensely opposes for the lift hip up pose, too. She refuse caress in itself. However, RYOKO admonished that the purpose is money and hand job service begins unwillingly. In addition, the cock is put the mouth. RYOKO shouts that she feels sick after the cock is intensely moved in the mouth and saliva is vomited to the floor. A man is be inflamed with rage to the flagrant action of RYOKO. And, the cock is personally pushed at missionary posture. RYOKO is surprised and opposes every time the posture is changed at sitting, woman on top, backward woman on top and standing back posture. An unbelievable expression is shown to the posture that she never had. There is not a pant voice at all and either endured only for the piston. And it is vaginal cum shot of devil to the pure innocent and beautiful pussy after missionary and back posture. RYOKO runs in personally in shower room and get in the bathtub. Though the staff gently comforts the pregnancy as safe but it is not well-grounded either. In addition, RYOKO is made three men's prey in the following play. Devils gently calm RYOKO who wears gown and fears and Hands and feet are fixed with the adhesive tape. RYOKO is put rotor toy in the pussy by the open leg pose. The clitoris is stimulated at the same time and she intensely opposes. In addition, it is stirred with the vibs toy in the vagina and she dislikes it and rages. And, Cuzco is inserted. RYOKO endures the shame play to which the opening of uterus is exposed. In the next, three cocks are pushed into the mouth one after another and she opposes seriously. Hand job service also only affixes the hand. After the cock is sucked, saliva is personally vomited and seems feelings badness. Men push down RYOKO as for the fellatio hurriedly and insert a cock at missionary posture. They made piston at the bending, side, backward woman on top and back posture and the expression of RYOKO that seems to be unpleasant doesn't change though the joy juice that becomes cloudy blots from the ostium of the vagina. The deep kiss complete is refused, too. Even if the mouth is opened right and left and the tongue is sucked in, she endures with the wrinkle is drawn to the middle of the forehead. Then it is vaginal cum shot after poked at the woman on top and missionary posture. The second cock is personally inserted at missionary posture and semen is poured. The third cock is also personally inserted and vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture. But more fear waited absentminded RYOKO. The expression of RYOKO who watch the strange semen actors who enter a room one after another by the supervisor in a single phrase freezes in a moment, and exclaims. It is the climax of this content. It is the men who insert cock in pussy of which it swells up one after another and made vaginal cum shot. The pussy is ugly transfigured by the semen of 13 totals. It ends by tears of joy at the same time as saying the reward sitting straight. It was RYOKO who exactly knew the adult society by the body. It is sure to understood profoundly how it is serious thing that woman earning the moment at the moment. However, she will need to never step in this world.


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