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(Narumi Takahashi) The Onijiru


n0364 2008/09/19
Narumi Takahashi The Onijiru
The slut hunting is most suitable when want to look down on a woman without any reason. Most of slut who has been captured is just foolish and ?gBukkake?h is the best for foolish woman's usage. NARUMI TAKAHASHI is an erotic beautiful woman of a preeminent style. Lisp and vague way to talk makes her promote more foolishly. The semen actor who saves up extra dirty semen is gathered and Bukkake is made. NARUMI who is polluted with a large amount of semen of vicious smell in face and vagina collapses the mind and body and is changed into an ugly lump of flesh in a short time. It is a suitable end for a foolish slut. At the beginning, NARUMI talked joyfully that she is safe for the smelled semen and made an expression of room. She gladly sucks and lick ball bag by the continuing fellatio. And, after clothes are taken off and finger fuck is made, the cock is inserted at back posture. A lovely pussy is stirred at M-leg backward woman on top, woman on top, side and bending posture and vaginal cum shot is made at missionary posture. Immediate aftermath, it is grubbed with the finger in the vagina and the backflow semen is licked. Next, the ice coffee is prepared for NARUMI of thirsty. The semen actor pours semen into the glass one after another instead of milk. And, NARUMI stirs coffee into which the semen of nine totals is injected with the straw, and drink up it deliciously. Immediate aftermath, she holds feeling like to urine and sit down shamelessly and urinates. NARUMI expands the pussy by the finger and a large amount of urination is excreted to the floor. After the fact, they move to the bed and hands and feet are fixed with the adhesive tape in the open leg pose. After the pussy is expanded and careful licking service, it is attacked with the toy. Labia meat and the clitoris are sucked with the straw and the vagina is enhanced with a metallic stick. And then it is rotor toy attack. Three toys are thrown in to the pussy at the same time, the clitoris is fingered in addition and she faints in agony. Immediate aftermath, rotor toy is excreted one by one by the power of the pussy. The spectacle that the joy juice overflows from the ostium of the vagina is obscene. Cuzco is continuously put by the vagina and the opening of uterus is exposed. And, after three cocks are sucked one after another at standing fellatio, the cock is inserted at missionary posture. Then vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture after she was poked at back and backward woman on top posture. The second cock is personally inserted at missionary posture and semen was injected at side posture. Immediate aftermath, it begins to grub semen with the finger. After this, semen actors enter a room in succession. NARUMI is overwhelmed to many of the number of men and clouds the expression. And, she is fixed by the lift hip up pose and is enhanced by the finger in the vagina. Men launch semen to pussy and face of NARUMI one after another. The semen of 12 totals is poured in the pussy and the semen of nine totals is poured on the face. Immediate aftermath, she is help up and the semen saucer is installed under the face. It is a mechanism that the semen that drips from the face is collected in the saucer. And, men launch semen one after another. The semen of 42 totals hits face & intraoral of NARUMI directly. Two scatters to the hair and 12 ejaculates on the tongue. Moreover, two is made the cleaning fellatio to suck the cock after it ejaculates in mouth. NARUMI who was filled in a mouth in a large quantity of semen vomits bubble semen many times on the way and be in faintness. The pussy is fingered with rotor toy at the same time. Immediate aftermath, the semen collected in the saucer is hung down in the face, rubbing in and is pushed into the mouth. After the fact, the cock is inserted at missionary posture by NARUMI who falls down and made vaginal cum shot. The second cock is personally inserted and injects semen in the vagina. Immediate aftermath, the backflow semen is painted into to the face and the cock pulled out from the ostium of the vagina is pushed into the mouth in addition. The appearance made cock beautiful by licking hard is pitiful. Last is a privilege image of semen pour in the vagina & facial cum shot in the close up camera. The image onto which semen that flows and drops in vagina is clearly projected is so great. The image of astonishment that it is made facial cum shot mercilessly after she completely becomes silent and even the shadow of death stands out is must see. After this, NARUMI becomes semen poisoning syndrome patient because of taking a picture. She is being isolated to the basement in an intractable disease special hospital now because she is the idiosyncrasy that fit is occurred when semen comes off the body and suck the cock of the strange man.


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