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(Ayami Haga) Live on semen


n0365 2008/09/23
Ayami Haga
Live on semen

The owner of a special disposition is not few in a high woman of social status engaging in the type of job that there is responsibility such as the flasher, the semen manias, and SM lover. AYAMI HAGA is a beauty female teacher of a preeminent style.
She was a true masochist constitution contrary to atmosphere that promptly handles work. It is drenched between groins though AYAMI opposes when she is used violence by colleague's men. It is not necessary to pardon to such a transformation teacher.
It sent her to the hell by a large amount of thick semen after penetrates anal and fucked severely. At the beginning, colleague's men conclude that AYAMI is a masochist and use violence.

AYAMI of masochist constitution often faces t he personal computer and is delusion as for the lewd thing and made wet between groins. She feels it though she opposes when she is suppressed and stockings are broken.
In addition, she is made finger fuck by standing backing style and entreated the cock. AYAMI suck the cock immediately and fellatio started. Then cock is inserted at standing back posture after a polite lick service was made.
Then vaginal cum shot was made at bending posture after she was poked at backward woman on top, woman on top and missionary posture. In the next scene, the ball gag is installed to AYAMI at crawl on all fours.

Both hands are bound and the anal vibs is pushed by the anus. AYAMI is made intense piston of the anal vibs toy by the pupils who gather and she faints in agony.
The vibs toy is thrown in to the pussy and she feels it while hanging a large amount of slaver down. In addition, anal and the pussy are attacked with the vibs toy at the same time in the open leg pose.
Also she ejaculates when the dildo is inserted in the pussy and the clitoris is stimulated with the electric massage machine. The joy juice drips and drops from the pussy.

Next, both hands are bound and AYAMI who is blindfolded hang from a ceiling and men begin caressing. Deep kiss, licking nipple, licking leg and careful licking service, AYAMI is licked the whole body persistently.
And then, cock insert at standing back posture. The pussy is intensely stirred at standing posture and the cock is pierced to the vagina interior.
In the next, they move to a bed and she was made crawl on all fours pose with having been put a vibs toy in the pussy. The table is put on the face front and men ejaculate on the table one after another.

The semen of ten totals is launched on the table. AYAMI took it by the tongue and the hand and puts it in the mouth after the cock after it ejaculates is cleaned by mouth.
Five of all is mouthful cum shot and one of them is received semen by hand and bring into mouth as it is. She is really abnormal slut who loves semen.
And cock inserted at missionary posture. After she is intensely stirred in the vagina at bending, woman on top and backward woman on top posture, the cock is also thrown in anal.

Side and backward woman on top, cock is inserted in the pussy at the same time. The cock is also thrown in the mouth, and AYAMI writhes and suffers to three hole play.
In addition, the cock is inserted in anal by back posture while being put the cock in the pussy at woman on top posture. The vagina and Anal are just before collapse by three hole fucking. And the first vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture.
The second cock is personally inserted at bending posture and it also inserted in anal on the way. Two holes are alternately fucked and semen is injected into anal by the side posture.

Immediate aftermath, third cock is inserted in anal and semen is injected at side posture. After the fact, the exhaustion AYAMI is suppressed by the open leg pose.
And, men who gathered insert the cock immediately before the ejaculation in vagina that greatly opened and made vaginal cum shot one after another. Her pussy became muddy by the total 13 cum shot.
One of them have inserted in the vagina just after ejaculated to Mons pubis. Also seven cum shot hit Mons pubis directly. The spilling semen is pushed into the vagina and anal by the finger. After the fact, pussy was enhanced in the lift hip up pose.

Spectacle that a large amount of semen flows to vagina interior is must see. Last is a privilege image of the ejaculation in the vagina caught with the close up camera.
The appearance that the pussy that goes into convulsions is made dirty by semen and the collapsing is excited much. After this, AYAMI is pushed in the locker and left. It intends to extension of insult play, but she is forgotten as it is.
And the strange creature which lived mainly on semen seems to have inhabited in a locker opened in the case of general cleaning several months later.


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