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(Misato Hoshikawa) Break in lovely pussy


n0366 2008/09/26
Misato Hoshikawa
Break in lovely pussy

It worries over small things when someone is young. If it is a weak-head woman who thinks only lascivious things, it might be still more. MISATO HOSHIKAWA is young student who has attractive cute smile and slender body.
Such MISATO is worried about the thing that the cannon cock of boyfriend doesn?ft' enter her pussy. She talks about a trouble with a teacher after having been troubled, and it becomes the topics in a school.
She was a woman unusually obedient now, but was too stupid. Men get together on the pretext of a trouble of MISATO and gather and are absorbed in a fuck. Hell to which her lovely and well fit pussy is tragically enhanced waited.

At the beginning, MISATO goes for the visit of the hospitalized boyfriend. MISATO lies with the boyfriend who cannot move in the sickroom and she begins to grope the cock.
Though she takes off his pants and tries to insert at woman on top posture but she abandons because the cock is too large and she starts the fellatio. However, she becomes painful because of the cannon cock and she interrupts it on the way, too.
She leaves the boyfriend who erected and goes out from the sickroom. Later, MISATO worries because of the thing that the cannon cock doesn't enter at the school in class and the class absent-mindedness, too.

As a result, she consults the teacher about worry. It settles down in the story of gradually expanding the pussy to start from the size that seems to enter. First of all, it makes to the trial of the stick of the teacher of the normal size.
Fellatio starts after she is made finger fuck. The sound in which glans are politely sucked is disagreeable. And then cock inserts in at standing back posture.
The labia meat that adsorbs the cock and is rubbed at backward woman on top and woman on top posture is obscene. And, the piston is intensely made by missionary posture and semen is injected.

Though pussy extended some, it is insufficient to insert the cock of boyfriend yet. Classmates continuously participate in enhancing in the vagina.
MISATO of the open leg pose is opened the pussy by the finger and is stimulated the clitoris with the rotor toy. In addition, it is stirred with the vibs toy in the vagina.
The big one is gradually inserted with dildo following the big vibs toy after the normal size. The waist is lowered on the dildo that put up on the desk and it puts it in the pussy.

The pussy gradually extends to the maximum though the expanded ostium of the vagina is miserable. However, whether it really extended or not is understood if it does not actually put the cock.
After throwing in the cock to mouth of MISATO one after another and making her to suck them, they insert it at missionary posture. The pussy enhancing is made with the cock in this time.
It gets excited by the expression that flushes by shame by showing uniting part in bending posture. The vagina interior is pushed up many times while being groped the clitoris at woman on top and M-leg backward woman on top posture.

Air leak in the vagina at each piston at next back posture and she pants while making a shameless sound. The boyfriend appears suddenly there and he rages at the thing that MISATO is being fucked by classmates and he tries to insert his cannon cock.
MISATO who is inserted at missionary posture uttered the pant voice from the bottom of the belly at each piston and seems to be pain seriously. And, she opposes and refuses the insertion.
The boyfriend is amazed at cold attitude of MISATO and made facial cum shot by hand job. Boyfriend leave with a parting shot as canceling the relation and leave from there. The men start a fucking to MISATO who miserably throw away.

Cock inserted at missionary posture and vaginal cum shot was made. Then second cock immediately inserted and semen injected at missionary posture. Immediate aftermath, the third cock is inserted at missionary posture and vaginal cum shot was made.
After the fact, the spilling semen is raked up with the cock and it inserts in the vagina and semen is pushed into the vagina interior. Immediate aftermath, MISATO is expanded dirty pussy by the finger at open leg pose.
And, men in the school gathered and semen is splashed to the vagina that greatly opened the mouth one after another. The semen of nine totals is poured in the vagina. The facial cum shot is made at same time and two totals are poured.

After the fact, MISATO who can sit up as hard as possible is left unattended with being covered with semen.
MISATO becomes the official meat urinal of the school after this and spend the student life in which many cocks are inserted every day until graduating.
Though the pussy extended even a considerable cannon cock can be inserted without difficulty, she talks about a trouble to want to cure a loosen pussy with the same teacher in this time.
MISATO is recommended the transfer to the school of which the foreigner international student commutes to complete the meat urinal even if she has the loosen pussy. It seems to become the loosen pussy as the foreigner is disgusted now.


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