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(Erika Natsuki) The Devil Death


n0367 2008/10/01
Erika Natsuki
The Devil Death

It comes to want to boast to everyone when the big shot is caught by fishing and hunting. When the highest woman is hunted, the feelings are the same when the splendid woman is hunted. It comes to fuck by all members and to want to share pleasure.
ERIKA NATSUKI is a slender beautiful woman in the erotic atmosphere. She is obviously a woman who seems to be lascivious. She gets eyes wet just to have been surrounded by actors and react fast.
It is devil death play to let her got acme many times and exclaim after having fucked according to the wish of the woman thoroughly. Please satisfy indecent appearance of ERIKA who got acme unrestrictedly.

At the beginning, ERIKA sees actors by lewd eyes though ERIKA say that she will not know what is going on.
The pussy must already be wet. As it thought, ERIKA pants immediately when she is groped between groins after clothes are taken off and both hands are fixed with adhesive tape. The panty is taken off, and the pussy is expanded and she pants intensely.
Both legs are fixed with the adhesive tape, and she faints in agony when careful licking service was made. The clitoris is intensely stimulated by the tongue and the ejaculation is repeated.

In addition, she is attacked with the rotor toy and the joy juice that becomes cloudy is blotted. In the next, as many as four rotor toys are inserted in the pussy one after another, the clitoris is stimulated at the same time, and she is made acme.
Immediate aftermath, the rotor toy is excreted by power of pussy and the cloudiness joy juice that dripping from the ostium of the vagina is obscene. Next, ERIKA throws the joy juice and ejaculates when the vibs toy is inserted in the vagina.
In addition, two vibs toys are alternately put in and she pants loudly and is made acme many times. Immediate aftermath, the cock is thrown in the mouth and ERIKA is made fellatio.

It gets excited by the appearance to lick three glandes by the tongue politely. And then cock inserted in the pussy at missionary posture. The hard piston continues at the standing back, M-leg backward woman on top and woman on top posture.
And it is vaginal cum shot at the following missionary posture. The second cock is immediately inserted at missionary posture. ERIKA ejaculates while being inserted and is made acme many times. Then vaginal cum shot is made.
Immediate aftermath, ERIKA was fixed both hands leg to bed by great character and two or more men are gathered on ERIKA and the caress begins.

ERIKA who is put in rotor toy in vagina after whole body is stimulated with it is attacked the clitoris at the same time and faints in agony and is made acme. In addition, it is electric massage machine attack.
It is intensely pressed between groins and she got acme immediately. However, stimulation continues immediately after having acme and she is made more acmes many times.
After the fact, ERIKA is unsteady and cock is pushed in vagina as an incomprehensible state. The piston is intensely made at missionary, bending and side posture and she is made acme while cock put in the vagina.

And it is vaginal cum shot after hard piston was made at m-leg backward woman on top, woman on top and back posture. The second cock is immediately inserted at backward woman on top posture and semen was injected in the pussy.
ERIKA voluntarily expands the pussy and excretes the backflow semen. Immediate aftermath, the third cock is inserted at missionary posture and it is vaginal cum shot at bending posture.
Cuzco is immediately inserted and it is seen opening of uteruss and in the vagina where a large amount of semen remained.

After the fact, ERIKA who seriously suffers and is made acme many times is made lift hip up pose and the ostium of the vagina is greatly expanded by the finger at the same time. And, men who gather splash the semen on after another in the opened vagina.
The semen of 11 totals is poured on the pussy and it flows to the vagina interior. In addition, the spilling semen is pushed in the vagina by the finger.
The spectacle that pussy repeats the slack shrinkage and absorbs semen with An obscene sound is must see. Immediate aftermath, it is stimulated between groins with the electric massage machine and ERIKA faints in agony.

ERIKA is made acme again though she rages intensely and opposes. In addition, finger fuck is made and cloudiness liquid and compound liquid of backflow semen drips in the uncleanliness and she ejaculates.
Then ERIKA is made acme again. The attack of the electric massage machine continues afterwards and ERIKA is made acme endlessly. The woman is driven in to the limit and becomes silent while open the groin sloppy.
It seems that ERIKA got acme about as many as 50 times by our count. ERIKA is commenting that head she becomes pure white and did not understand what was happened.
The crotch cannot endure in the appearance which ERIKA is in agony though there may be little number of times. It exactly shows true worth of devil death.


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