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(Kumi Hirano) The Devil Death


n0368 2008/10/03
Kumi Hirano The Devil Death
Even if someone is affluent, the private life may not be satisfied. There is the trouble that cannot be settled for money and it will not be few. KUMI HIRANO who attractive a lovely smile is a rich young lady. KUMI seems to embarrass in a sensitive constitution though she is tall and the style is preeminent. KUMI is a lewd slut as she has a wireless remote controller rotor between crotches and enters into studio. Devil Death that was able to get much acme KUMI thoroughly was made to be experienced. The number of times that she got acme without a pardon even if she reached the limit and opposed it was 65 times. At the beginning, KUMI installs the remote control rotor between groins and enters into studio. It seems to be a sensitive constitution though she has no much experience and KUMI twists a body and feels for the stimulation of the rotor toy. It is already drenched when clothes are taken off and the pussy is expanded. And she got acme immediately by the clitoris attack and finger fuck. In addition, finger fuck continues and she ejaculates much. KUMI is made acme many times while dripping the joy juice. In the next, she pants loudly when careful licking service is made by the open leg pose. The pussy that drips joy juice and moves strangely is obscene. And, the cock is inserted in the mouth. The finger fuck is made at the same time while she is doing fellatio and is made acme. Then, cock is inserted at M-leg woman on top posture. A big pant voice is originated and she feels intently at woman on top, back and bending posture. Then it is vaginal cum shot at the missionary posture after KUMI is made acme many times while cock is inserting. And, semen is immediately raked out by the finger. However, she seems not to satisfy still. The image scene is placed and it makes KUMI to driving into the limit for the toy & vibs toy attack. And KUMI who was intensely attacked clitoris by three rotor toys is put three rotor toy in the vagina at the same time and faints in agony. In addition, the clitoris is stimulated by the finger and the lower half of the body is gone into convulsions and she is made acme many times. In addition, the vibs toy is put in and KUMI ejaculates. The piston is intensely made with the big vibs toy after she is severely stirred with the special vibs toy. In addition, the clitoris is stimulated with the rotor toy and she is made acme. Immediate aftermath, sensitive pussy that just got acme by electric massage machine is caressed and she opposes intensely. However, KUMI is made acme again though her opposes is ineffectual. KUMI who is made acme severely by toy and vibs toy will be made acme as follow by the cock. The cock inserted at missionary posture after fellatio. The pussy is intensely stimulated at bending, back, backward woman on top and woman on top posture and KUMI ejaculates many times and is made acme. And it is vaginal cum shot at missionary posture. The second cock is immediately inserted at back posture and semen is injected. The lower half of the body of KUMI goes into convulsions intensely and it is a state immediately before the limit. However, the third cock is inserted mercilessly and vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture. Immediate aftermath, the fourth cock is inserted in the pussy that drips backflow semen by missionary posture and semen is injected. The convulsion of her lower half of the body doesn't stop and the pussy remains opening greatly. Is it a limit indeed already? However, devils continue playing mercilessly. The semen of six totals is poured on the pussy one after another while she is being stimulated between groins with the electric massage machine. Semen scatters to anal and the spilling amount is pushed with the finger and dildo in the vagina. KUMI repeats the ejaculation as having gone mad during this period. However, play has not ended yet. In the next, the semen of five totals is splashed to the bust while the electric massage machine attack is continuing. The convulsion reaches not only the lower half of the body but also the whole body and body of KUMI seems to have exceeded the limit finally. In addition, men roll her whole body round and round by the lap. KUMI who was installed electric massage machine between groins repeats the whole body convulsion while struggling. And, the lighting of the room is turned off and KUMI is left. The anguished pant voice affects in the darkness. After the fact, KUMI is a smile to supervisor's calling though she seems not to be set up straight in the shower room. It is a woman who doesn't learn by experience. After this, KUMI who came home is found thing that putting a toy between crotches by parents and is disowned and becomes penniless. It changes radically from an affluent living and life that cannot buy even the battery of the toy has been compelled now.


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