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(Karin Yuki) The selfishness Slut


n0369 2008/10/07
Karin Yuki
The selfishness Slut

There is a woman who obediently becomes modest in front of a man whom she likes in spite of the character that is selfish with selfishness. KARIN YUKI who is slender beauty with attractive leg is deeply in love a specific good looking actor.
The appearance that asked supervisor to be entangled with this good looking actor repeatedly as soon as enter studio is an honestly eyesore.
It is hinted to be entangled with the good looking actor is hinted and only dirty men are collected and insult her. Appearance to cling to actor while being injected a large amount of semen invites men's anger and more cruel play is caused.

The spectacle that woman collapsing completely while despairing doesn't get tired no matter how it sees. As soon as she enters studio, KARIN persistently approaches the supervisor as to be entangled with a specific good looking actor.
The entangling with other actors is not the getting on too natures and therefore it is outrageous like the semen actor etc. It seems to enjoy entangling with the good looking actor from the bottom of heart.
KARIN approaches to the supervisor who hesitates by using the body in order to admit her demand. KARIN takes off supervisor's pair of trousers and sucks the cock.

Then, cock is inserted at the woman on top posture after licking not only the cock but also the ball bag. She shakes the waist voluntarily and semen is injected into pussy at missionary posture.
KARIN demands entangling with the good looking actor more strongly by exchange condition with vaginal cum shot. On the other side, good looking actor get into the studio with dirty men who hunt garbage in the vicinity.
The purpose is to put the trap to beat up the troublesome KARIN who assumes the air of a lover by handling dirty men. 3P play is progressing on the studio. KARIN is groped her body and is licked by two men.

And careful licking service & finger fuck is also made at open leg pose. Then, cock inserted at back posture after standing fellatio. The good looking actor of the aim shows up at the time of being fuck by missionary posture.
KARIN clenched a hand by a good looking actor and shines the pupil amorous. It seems to fall in love seriously. However, the trap diminishing a woman is proceeding at the same time. The body of KARIN is partitioned with the curtain.
KARIN doesn't see her lower half of the body at all. Dirty men and semen actors insert the cock one after another under the neck though KARIN watches with actor on each other upper the neck.

And then it is vaginal cum shot after it intensely stirs in the vagina. The semen of 12 totals is poured in the vagina.
KARIN becomes panic for the thing that number of vaginal cum shot is extremely a lot and the disgrace fuck and vaginal cum shot was made in front of a favorite man.
The appearance to try to manage to retain one's presence of mind by sucking the cock and made deep kiss with the good looking actor is pitiful. Afterwards, the curtain is removed and she is facing with dirty men.

After she is surprised and abstracts for a while, she abused all members. She is demanded to see more lascivious though she clings to the good looking actor. KARIN who is completely falling in love with the good looking actor approves his demand.
The fucking that places the image scene starts. KARIN of open leg pose tends to be a spiteful attitude for the thing that cannot fuck easily with the good looking actor. And she refused that the hole is expanded by the finger.
Foreplay in a perfunctory manner, men inserts the cock in KARIN who doesn't have the motivation. They rub violently in the vagina at missionary, side, back, M-leg woman on top and woman on top posture.

And, continues vaginal cum shot that a repeat fucking and vaginal cum shot is made. The pussy where was injected semen in ten continuation is in state of tragic as labia meat becomes sloppy.
In addition, the semen of 14 totals is also concurrently poured to the face one after another. In addition, finger fuck and female ejaculation is made at the end. A dirty liquid scatters to all sides.
Last is a photographing image that catches facial cum shot. Semen is put in the nose, mouth and eyes of KARIN who seriously dislikes it mercilessly and appearance that the face seems to collapse is understood well.

It is the good looking actor had already left the studio when she is noticing though it is KARIN who desperately endures a cruel insulting with emotional support that sweet sex with the good looking actor.
KARIN is polluted with semen and left in the state of the muddy. There is not freedom to pick and choose a man to a creature that is only made vaginal cum shot of smell semen.
The position will be known in the future and let her have life that eats semen that a man who hunted garbage splashes.


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