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(Chiaki Wakasugi) The Meat Urinal


n0370 2008/10/10
Chiaki Wakasugi
The Meat Urinal

Competition to get a good workplace of a condition is fierce as ever while a job shortage of a student is broken off for these past several years. The student put the study aside and looks for a job.
The school is over only to an engine as acquire a unit and graduating. CHIAKI WAKASUGI is college student who seem friendly. It is healed by a pretty smile.
However, she seems to be serious but in fact, she is absent from most of the classes and falls into a panic when graduation becomes imminent. If she wants to graduate, let her use the body.

In case of she is fucked by many brute and insulting from which the body is made tattered is quietly endured and graduated, she will be to become a dirty meat urinal woman openly.
At the beginning, CHIAKI who is called by the professor and is made hearing the thing that it is not possible to graduate due to unit shortage makes her to the blank surprise.
She is made deep kiss suddenly, the bust is gripped from the back, and try to oppose it. However, she offers a body as being said, and tries to get a unit. She is tearing stocking and is taken off panty, and the pussy is opened greatly.

The finger is put in a lovely pussy and intense finger fuck is made. Then, cock is inserted at the standing back posture after fellatio.
The piston continue at the backward woman on top, missionary and bending posture and the joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes from the uniting part. And it is vaginal cum shot.
The labia meat that was expanded right and left with an intense piston is obscene. The scene is a staff room after the continuing image scene. CHIAKI is taught by other teachers that the unit of graduation is insufficient.

There is only a body offer to graduate. CHIAKI is immediately surrounded by teachers and the body is groped. After the bust is groped, the pussy is greatly opened by the open leg pose. In the next, the toy attack is begun after finger fuck.
CHIAKI is severely groped as labia meat is sucked with the straw, the cucumber and the banana are put in the pussy and she pants for it. The joy juice gushes from the pussy further by the continuing rotor toy attack.
The big voice is uttered by following electric massage machine attack and she faints in agony though she feels with big pant voice and she got the acme. Immediate aftermath, the test tube is inserted and the vagina road is exposed.

Cuzco is also put in and the opening of uterus where the cloudiness joy juice of the sticky material collects is exposed. And,?@after the cock is sucked one after another by standing fellatio, it is inserted by missionary posture.
After the pussy is stirred with many cocks one by one at back, woman on top and backward woman on top posture, semen is injected at back posture.
Spectacle to which backflow semen drips and a drop from pussy of half opening in the?@crawl on all fours pose is obscene. The second cock is immediately inserted at the side posture and vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture.

Immediately after, third cock inserted and semen is injected. Once after pulling out the cock, semen that spills around the pussy is raked up with the cock and it pushes into the vagina interior. However, unit of CHIAKI is still insufficient.
Other teachers gather in surrounding of CHIAKI who is suppressed by open leg pose. And, the cock immediately before the ejaculation is inserted in the vagina and vaginal cum shot is made. The semen of ten totals is poured in the vagina.
Four are inserted in the pussy after it hit directly labia meat the second shot is made in the vagina. In addition, one ejaculates in the Mons pubis. CHIAKI gets the pussy made dirty by a large amount of semen.

In addition, semen poured the face of CHIAKI who got up. CHIAKI who was poured semen of 17 totals on the face becomes silent. Semen scatters to the hair, in addition, semen is voluntarily painted on the face and the head.
A face and the hair are the muddy and it is miserable situation. However, she is made to hear the graduation recognition and smile while face is covered by semen. This smile is feelings bad though the smile shown first was pretty.
After the fact, in addition, a welcome thing that CHIAKI who was admitted hard work is decided to go for her post to the same school from next year as a teacher.

She will be concerned with work to watch the trouble of the aspect of living of students positively. Naturally, she is in charge of meat urinal that sucks the cock every day and is fucked.
The body will be frequently offered to the professor instead of the student who cannot graduate due to insufficient of unit. CHIAKI thinks that she was become teacher though the situation is not changed at all from the student's time.
Praise a fool, and you may make foolish meat urinal slut useful.


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