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(Shiori Nakayama) The Meat Urinal


n0372 2008/10/17
Shiori Nakayama
The Meat Urinal

As for everything, own way is the cause of the mistake though the woman is keen to polishing the appearance by esthetics, dieting and etc. TOKYO HOT thoroughly teaches a right way to become a splendid slut this time.
It is a cheated slender beautiful woman of 19 years old SHIORI NAKAYAMA who was said to be splendid woman and brought. The clam atmosphere is good enough to become splendid slut.
It changed her real splendid slut by the hard play that to be greedy the body and insult pussy and anal as TOKYO HOT style. This content is the first HD photography. Please enjoy our high definition picture quality more than before.

At the beginning, SHIORI speaks that the experience is still insufficient though skillful sex is condition of splendid woman. Two men appear even if a lot of experiences are made to be acquired and they begin to grope body of SHIORI.
SHORI is taken off the panty and the hole is opened greatly after she is made taking off clothes and is caressed the bust. And clitoris is also intensely rubbed at lift hip up pose.
Then she is made finger fuck at open leg pose and an obscene sound heard from the pussy. Then cock inserted at missionary posture.

The cock is thrown in mouth for a long time while the piston is making at bending, backward woman on top, woman on top and standing back posture. And vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture.
The second cock is inserted in the pussy that moves disagreeable and semen flows backward. Then semen injected at bending posture. Immediate aftermath, a large amount of backflow semen becomes like the bubble and it gushes.
In the next, five cocks are sucked one after another by standing fellatio. The thing to make a man's being made pleasant with sucking is one of condition of splendid slut. And, men launch semen on tongue of SHIORI one after another.

After it ejaculates, she will devotedly suck another cock soon. The semen of five totals is poured into the mouth. Next, both hands are bound with the rope and SHIORI is hung from the ceiling. Men immediately crowd and caress whole body of SHIORI.
Also toy & electric massage machine attack is made finger fuck. She faints in agony while twisting the body and is got acme. Immediate aftermath, the vibs toy is inserted at crawl on all fours and the toy is inserted also in anal and she goes mad.
And then cock inserted at missionary posture. Also cock is inserted in anal at missionary posture after it is stirred severely in the vagina at bending, side and back posture. The interior of the rectum is intensely pierced in the bending posture.

In the next, cock inserted into anal at backward woman on top posture. The pussy that extends greatly is closed with the cock at the same time.
SHIORI utters an intermittent pant voice and the appearance that two holes are closed and desperately endured is miserable. Next, it is inserted also in anal at the same time as the cock is being put in the pussy at woman on top posture.
In addition, it is closed in the mouth with the cock and it is three hole simultaneous fucking. SHIORI groans and endured disgrace play. And, fucking at missionary posture continues. Then semen is injected after it intensely stimulates in the vagina.

And second cock immediately inserted and it made vaginal cum shot. The third cock inserted into anal and inject semen after poked to the interior at bending posture. The pussy and anal that is completely opened are so grotesque.
However, it is still far from the splendid slut. It is possible to become splendid slut by loving more men. SHIORI is made open leg at lift hip up pose and pussy is greatly opened. A lot of men who gather pour semen on pussy of SHIORI one after another.
The crotch of SHIORI becomes muddy by the semen of ten totals. Semen flows in anal, too. In addition, the spilling semen is pushed in the vagina by the finger. Immediate aftermath, both hands are bound with the rope and SHIORI is hung from the ceiling.

Immediately after having stood up, semen flows backward from the pussy with an obscene sound. The pussy of SHIORI excretes semen after she is hung. Far from becoming a splendid slut, SHIORI changes into a dirty-looking woman giving off a bad smell.
However, it succeeded in the brainwash to make her strongly believe she was possible to become a splendid slut by being fucking & vaginal cum shot. Later, SHIORI is resold to a special trader of meat urinal.
She will be engaged in lowest work that expanded dirty pussy that opens in ugliness and anal and entreated fuck & vaginal cum shot. Business that makes to fall the ignorant woman who yearn a splendid slut and resells expands well.

The mass production of the toilet is expected.


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