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(Narumi Takahashi) The Suspicious Esthetics


n0371 2008/10/14
Narumi Takahashi
The Suspicious Esthetics

If it cannot do various work in the shop which keeps company with a first-class visitor, it is not fit for work.
The aesthetician of the first class NARUMI TAKAHASHI was prepared in the TOKYO HOT esthetics shop for the coming to the store of the first-class visitor such as an entertainer or a celebrity. Body offer will be made to the owner's sexual harassment.
She corresponds with heartfelt sincerity even if she is poked by the cannon cock of the foreigner who comes suddenly to a shop.

Please continue your favors toward the ideal meat urinal esthetician NARUMI who is overwhelmingly longer time when is put a cock in a vagina from the time for surgical operation.
The owner comes to see the appearance NARUMI who is preparing opening a shop. The owner embraces the body closely and made deep kiss after he has look her beauty leg lewdly.
NARUMI who was persuaded persuasively in order to improve of the shop is push down to the bed and is groped pussy. NARUMI is made finger fuck and gushes a large amount of joy juice.

The finger fuck continues future more at crawl on all fours and the joy juice that becomes cloudy drips and it is drenched in the vagina. Then, cock is thrown in the mouth and standing fellatio is made.
A lateral stripe is politely licked, too. And then cock inserted at standing back posture. The one leg is lifted high and the piston is done intensely. The labia meat that adsorbs the cock is obscene.
The piston to expanding labia meat continues at the backward woman on top and missionary posture. And then vaginal cum shot was made at bending posture. Cuzco is inserted immediate after the finger is put in the pussy and semen was raked out.

The disgrace play to which it is exposed in the vagina into which a large amount of semen was poured is made. Afterwards NARUMI return to work of reception.
Three foreigners come suddenly to a shop. NARUMI who doesn't understand the language and panics is surrounded and they begin to grope her body. NARUMI who was made deep kiss is put on the counter and is made open leg pose.
NARUMI is made taking off the panty and is made careful licking service though she opposes. The clitoris is groped at the same time as finger fuck and a large amount of joy juice are gushed.

And, the cock is put in the mouth and she is made standing fellatio. Two cocks are served by the hand with one put in the interior of the throat. However, foreigners try to put three in the mouth at a dash by force.
NARUMI who is opened mouth greatly can barely be licked three glandes. And then cock inserted at standing back posture. The cock is thrown in also the mouth. Then, first vaginal cum shot is made after an intense piston.
The second cock is inserted at back posture after they moved to the mat. It is close up scene that cannon cock is inserted many times and ostium of the vagina greatly enhanced as it in the next woman on top posture.

It is a miserable spectacle. And the second cum shot injected. The third cock inserted at bending posture. The compound liquid of the backflow semen and the joy juice overflows and falls from the pussy at each piston.
Then third vaginal cum shot was made after it severely poked to the vagina interior deeply.
The labia meat is getting rolled up and the ostium of the vagina getting a tragic appearance in the state of greatly extending by the intensive piston of cannon cock. After the fact,

though it is NARUMI who manages to get up, the manager was looking at a full detail in a bad thing. The manager rages at the act that doesn't believe easily in the first call esthetics shop and punishment will be given to NARUMI.
Then cock is inserted at missionary posture after fellatio. Obscene sound leaks air from pussy at moment when cock is pierced at bending, backward woman on top and back posture.
Play that cock is pulled out and put in many times continues on purpose so that the sound is emitted and semen is injected at back posture. The mass of semen flows backward at a dash as soon as the cock was pulled out.

After this, NARUMI is opened pussy greatly at open leg pose. And men who gather insert the cock immediately before the ejaculation in the pussy one after another and made vaginal cum shot. NARUMI is poured semen of nine totals in the vagina.
After the fact, it is sudden dismissal notice. NARUMI gets ready to return in underwear in a state in muddy by semen. It begins to soak a large amount of backflow semen to the panty. Later, NARUMI worked at another esthetics shop.
However, it is actually a sex club of the fucking specialty. She is made to abuse a pussy earnestly. Moreover, the all coming guest is a foreigner who heard rumors.
After she works for a while and pussy having become loose, she seemed


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