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(Rie Kikukawa) TOKYO HOT Academy


n0373 2008/10/21
Rie Kikukawa TOKYO HOT Academy
The TOKYO HOT Academy is one of the very few schools that conclude successfully by an original educational system though there are not the times when an ideal method of the education is asked at the present. RIE KIKUKAWA is a new figure teacher. An erotic atmosphere to drift from the body which is transistor glamour is attractive. The new figure training starts immediately. It is intense fucking by students after rough training of the superior. It is sure to be being scheduled to grow up to an independent teacher by the things that come in touch closely the body with all members of schools, one slut slave was completed at the end against original purpose. After RIE is made to sign a contract, the class of charge is introduced to RIE who was called by principal at the first working day. RIE finds no words soon when entering a classroom. All students greet to use cock by the stark-naked. The principal begins to grope her body from back of RIE who forgets to introduce herself and keeps standing in platform. The panty is lowered in students' presence and the clitoris is groped. And, clitoris is bullying by open leg pose and the joy juice gushes from the pussy. The principal interrupts the caress here. It returns to the principal room once and is a plan put out RIE in front of students after training RIE. Though RIE complains and intend to resign as soon as enter to the principal room but the principal turns down a contract on a shield. RIE who gave it up is made to sit on the desk by the open leg pose and a wet pussy is opened. Then finger fuck is made after the clitoris is groped. And, the cock is thrown in the mouth and fellatio is begun. The ball bag is politely sucked one by one and a lateral stripe is licked deliberately, too. And then cock inserted at standing back posture. The joy juice that becomes cloudy immediately overflows when piston is made at woman on top, missionary and bending posture and it is vaginal cum shot. The spectacle that the semen that flows backward stick to the ostium of the vagina is obscene. And, RIE is brought to the classroom again by the open leg pose. Students erect a cock in the classroom and standby. RIE is put down the body on the cock while hold in his arms and sequentially suck cock of students in the pussy. The pussy is expanded by the open leg pose and the clitoris is groped afterwards. Then she is attacked with the rotor toy after finger fuck. The clitoris is intensely stimulated and she ig got acme. Next, the vibs toy is inserted in the pussy. RIE distort face and exclaim when the clitoris is intensively stimulated with the electric massage machine after the piston is intensely made. The clitoris severely groped is enlarged. In addition, she pants loudly when the erected clitoris is rubbed with the large-scale electric massage machine and she got acme. And, the cock is inserted in a wet pussy at missionary posture immediately after having got acme. When piston is made at bending, side, back and backward woman on top posture, a large amount of cloudiness joy juice adhere to the cock. Then first vaginal cum shot is made at missionary posture. The second cock is immediately inserted at missionary posture and semen injected in the pussy. The third cock inserted at back posture and it was vaginal cum shot. A large amount of semen stick to her under hair and it is a state of muddy. Afterwards, the bad word is written in the whole body with the felt-tipped marker and she is abused. However, training to the new figure teacher has not ended yet. Students of other classes are gathered and RIE is surrounded. RIE is stimulated clitoris with the rotor toy while completely opening the pussy of muddy at open leg pose. The men ejaculate semen one after another toward a pussy. The semen of 12 totals hits the pussy directly. And the all the spilling semen is pushed by the finger in the vagina. Immediate aftermath, RIE is bound the hand with the rope and is fixed to the foot of the teacher?fs desk. Afterwards, RIE is put on the costume of teacher and made PISS SHOT. RIE excretes it while laughing at colorless transparent urine on the floor of the classroom. After she urinates, RIE smiles from beginning to end. It is evidence that has become familiar with the school tradition of the school. After this, RIE will devote her life to the school as a slave of living in. She arbitrates in the fight of students, and offers her pussy to both and made reconciled them often. However, she is in hospital for the treatment of the enlarged clitoris now. The treatment seems to has be prolonged though she was a strictly confined to bed because the clitoris was groped in excess by a masturbation in hospital.


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