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(Aya Takahashi) The Bukkake


n0375 2008/10/28
Aya Takahashi The Bukkake
Though it is driven by the impulse that look down to be beyond recovery by an unbelievable method when you see the woman, the woman who walks the town while putting on airs is bad for eyes in particular. It is 遵「?gBukkake遵「?h to remove poison thoroughly. The target in this time is AYA TAKAHASHI of nymph. AYA doesn't know that she is sunk in the sea of semen and appeared with carefree face. Pitiful woman who was poured semen intensively to like genuine toilet is cornered as no understanding what is going on her body and distracted!? Become silent!? Please make sure enough. At the beginning, AYA is told the project of this work only after she meets the supervisor. She doesn't understand though she is made to hear 遵「?gBukkake遵「?h. However, it does not care though she understands it or not. It is only a woman's body offer to expect of a woman. AYA is to be made taking off the panty immediately and made finger fuck by the standing pose. The pussy is intensely groped and she is not possible to stand and sits down. And careful licking service is made after the bust is caressed and the joy juice blots in the pussy. And, another man participates in the play. They have thrown cock in to her mouth after deep kiss. The appearance a large amount of slaver drips by the fellatio is obscene. Then cock inserted at standing back posture. She is intensely poked to the interior of the vagina at M-leg backward woman on top, woman on top and missionary posture and pants loudly. And semen injected at bending posture. A man scoops thick semen that flows backward from vagina by the finger and made AYA to lick it. After the image scene, AYA who is put on the costume of office lady is made taking off clothes and is bound in the bed by the great character. AYA is made finger fuck after she is made deep kiss and the whole body is stimulated with four rotor toys. Three rotors are put in vagina hole at a time and the clitoris is attacked at the same time. AYA feels it while making the body twisted. And, she is intensively attacked nipple & groins with four electric massage machines and faints in agony. The clitoris and the ostium of the vagina are stimulated especially intensely and she ejaculates, and is made acme. And the cock inserted at missionary posture. The gushing cloudiness joy juice adheres to the cock while piston is made at side and bending posture. She is intensely poked while being said the obscene word. Then, the first vaginal cum shot is made at backward woman on top posture. The second cock is immediately inserted at missionary posture and semen was injected. The third cock is inserted at back posture in the vagina that vomits semen and made vaginal cum shot. Immediate aftermath, the cock is thrown in the mouth and standing fellatio was made. Men have made the piston cock in the mouth of AYA and semen is launched on the tongue one after another. AYA gets on the tongue pouring the semen of five totals. The surroundings of the mouth and inside of the mouth become muddy with the spilling semen. Immediate aftermath, underwater glasses that remodeled for Bukkake is installed to the face. Underwater glasses are mechanisms that the upper half is removed and goes along on the surface of the face and collects in the lower half in large quantities. Men continuously launch semen to face of AYA. Semen hits the hair and eyes directly, too. AYA遵「?fs face where semen of 61 totals was poured one after another becomes muddy. Semen that is thick and stickiness is strong does not drip easily from the face. The semen erodes slowly while it is sticking on the eyelid and the nose. AYA who is in state that eyes are not opened seems to feel sick seriously. However, a cruel attack from which the pussy is made finger fuck continues. In addition, a large amount of semen collected in underwater glasses is painted in the face after continues facial cum shot and the cock is inserted at missionary posture and vaginal cum shot was made at standing back posture. She is made to sit and mouthful cum shot is made after it is grubbed in the vagina with the finger. Immediate aftermath, cock is put in the mouth where filled with semen and she suffers for it. And, AYA is made to say the word of the reward to devils at the end by the face that collapses muddy. AYA is completely transformed to the living thing of badness in ugliness. AYA is taken by the staff and leaves after this. However, she is taken to the outdoors as it is and is just left. However, there rush the complaint from the vicinity resident because it is too dirty and she is taken by the collection trader who was immediately called. She is expected to be abandoned in the disposal place after dried in the sun.


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