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(Saya Takeuchi) Semen Erode


n0376 2008/10/31
Saya Takeuchi Semen Erode
The woman is living thing with intense emotional ups and downs. It suddenly becomes a bad temper when laughed. Though it doesn't understand what think about at all, let?fs stir the pussy at such time. It is an important point that not considers the feeling of woman and to treat woman as thing completely. SAYA TAKEUCHI is a dark-skinned gal who seems enjoys the night life much. It gets excited by a good proportion in sensitive body. However devil brute does not care though it is SAYA who is bad temper as soon as enter the room. They were doing what they want as groped pussy, inside of vagina and so on. The body of SAYA who is severely fucked collapses in a moment. Please enjoy seeing the continuousness 60 times acme. At the beginning, SAYA throw her head back in the sofa and seems to be bad temper. Both hands are immediately restrained with the adhesive tape though SAYA seriously opposes the men's caresses. And, the panty is taken off and it is careful licking service. The clitoris is stimulated with the rotor toy after finger fuck and she faints in agony. SAYA rages intensely when the rotor toy is inserted in the vagina at the same time and pants loudly. The spectacle that excretes the rotor toy that is buried in the vagina many times while cramping pussy is obscene. In the next, she is stimulated between groins with the electric massage machine and got acme. Immediate aftermath, she is ejaculates for the more attack and got acme again. In addition, she intensely reacts also to the electric massage machine attack by crawl on all fours and got acme. Then she hold in his arms and the open leg pose. The vibs toy is intensely put in and out and she is made acme. And it is masturbation. The rotor toy is voluntarily push to the clitoris and stimulates in standing back style. A large amount of joy juice gushes from the ostium of the vagina at the same time as ejaculating while pussy was going into convulsions and acme. In addition, the masturbation is repeated by open leg pose and got acme. Immediate aftermath, SAYA who is carried to bed is reeled the upper-body with the adhesive tape and pussy is thoroughly attacked with the electric massage machine. And, the ball gag is installed by the mouth. SAYA originates the groan voice, writhes, and suffers. Also, the vibs toy was inserted in the pussy. The lower half body of SAYA goes into convulsions intensely. It is very clear that she is already a limit but attacks of devil continue further and vibs toy is made piston intensely. The pussy that is fingered for a long time opens greatly and is tragic. Then, cock inserted at missionary posture. The clitoris is stimulated with the rotor toy at the same time as piston continue at bending, woman on top, side back and backward woman on top posture. She is made piston one after another at next missionary posture and got acme continuously and vaginal cum shot was made. Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted and vaginal cum shot. Bubble backflow semen gushes immediately after cock having been pulled out. The third cock is immediately inserted at missionary posture and semen is injected. The fourth cock is immediately inserted and the piston is begun. She is got acme at the same time as semen is being poured. In the next scene, pussy has been expanded by the finger in the back pose. And men ejaculate one after another to the pussy that beaten up. The semen of 13 totals is poured in the vagina. The spilling amount is pushed by the finger. The spectacle that semen flows backward at a dash on the way because a large amount of semen as exceed the limit was pushed and it makes body of SAYA dirty is must see. Immediate aftermath, it is clitoris & anal attack with rotor toy. Then, semen gushes in the vagina with an obscene sound at a dash. The pussy makes an obscene sound many times and flow backward semen. In addition, it is played and it begins to grub all the compound liquids of joy juice and the backflow semen. Then it is the PISS SHOT at the last. The pussy is voluntarily expanded in the standing pose and a large amount of urination is excreted powerfully. Immediate aftermath, it is the expression that is full of confidence without a shy state. A pitiful end of the woman that even the spirit was destroyed was seen. Semen is erosion in a spot design with the skin of SAYA after this. New kind of sickness that dregs of semen stick in the vagina and it doesn't part is found at the hospital where she was brought by a mistake as the epidemic and she is isolated. The report that mentioned to thank for offer good chance to try to stare again oneself who was foolish gal has reached TOKYO HOT from SAYA.


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