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(Nana Hoshino) The Reckless Fuck


n0380 2008/11/14
Nana Hoshino
The Reckless Fuck

The woman who cannot see a rotation at all when absorbed as suddenly begin to be angry hysterically is a very annoying person. NANA HOSHINO is the girl student who suits school uniform well and have the plump body that seems to be delicious.
NANA is unexpected lewdness though she has a lovely face and she is not possible to endure until returning to home and masturbation is started by using the rotor brought though it is a classroom after school.
However, it was found to the classmate and to the predicament. NANA who was grasped the weakness was made prey of men in the school including the teacher.

Please enjoy the impact image that a lovely hole is treated as meat jar for the semen excretion by the high-resolution of HD.
At the beginning, NANA confirms no one is in the classroom?@and started the masturbation by the rotor toy that taken out from the bag. It put on between groin from the panty and it stimulates strongly.
It is found to the classmate and she is in a fluster though the pant voice is uttered. The masturbation is interrupted and vibs toy that is concealed in the bag is found, too. NANA who is grasped weakness in is at the mercy of men unwillingly.

The clitoris is attacked by the rotor toy after she is made deep kiss and the panty is moved by the open leg pose. In addition, the rotor toy is inserted in the vagina and joy juice gushes from the pussy.
Vibs toy is continuously inserted. The vibs toy is intensely put in and out and she is made acme.
Immediate aftermath, the clitoris is stimulated with the rotor toy and joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes from the pussy at the same time as being made acme again. In the next, it is standing fellatio.

The cock put intensely in the throat deeply and sucks it hard repeatedly while having a fit of coughing many times. Immediate aftermath, cock is inserted at standing back posture.
She was continuously poked at missionary, bending and back posture. The clitoris is peeled off, the pussy is stirred, lovely labia meat is enlarged, and it transformed. In addition, NANA is made acme while the cock inserted in the vagina.
Then vaginal cum shot was made at backward woman on top posture. Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted and semen is injected at bending posture after she was poked at missionary posture.

Immediate aftermath, finger fuck is made to the vagina where is made dirty by semen at lift hip up pose and love juice is blow. A part of love juice hangs to face of NANA. Immediate aftermath, teachers enter the classroom.
The teacher rages for obscene act in the classroom and give educational guidance to exhausted NANA.
NANA who is brought to chastisement room is made finger fuck immediately by the open leg pose, is made blow in large quantities of love juice and ejaculates. In addition,

she is stimulated between groins with the electric massage machine and rages intensely with loud voice. Immediate aftermath, Cuzco is inserted. The vagina wall that is beaten up and the opening of uterus is exposed.
And, the cock is thrown in to the mouth and it is standing fellatio. NANA desperately endured for double fellatio as well. Then, cock inserted at missionary posture.
She ejaculates to an intense piston that presses the opening of uterus at bending, side, backward woman on top, woman on top and back posture. Then vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture.

Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted and semen was injected. The appearance in which semen is vomited as the hole going into convulsions is obscene. In addition, other teachers also gathered and they join educational guidance of NANA.
The cock immediately before the ejaculation is inserted in pussy of NANA who is suppressed by open leg pose and made vaginal cum shot one after another. The semen of six totals is injected in the vagina.
In addition, semen is discharged into the pussy that enhanced at lift hip up pose of NANA one after another. The semen of 12 totals hits the pussy directly. All the spilling semen is poured in the vagina, too.

After the fact, devils prepare cola with the PET bottle for NANA who worries about the pregnancy. It is intensely shaken?@and pushes it forcibly in the vagina. It is contraception with cola from which the effect is proven at a certain academic society.
NANA is surprised at the power of too intense cola and made big scream. Immediate aftermath, semen gushes with cola. A vagina is washed away neatly. Educational guidance continues after this.
But NANA was not got pregnant due to cola contraception though dozens of semen is launched to the NANA every day.
However, NANA is revolted by everybody and seems to have been abandoned legally because her body becomes to discharge joy juice with carbonic acid and opening of uterus having been stained with black.


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