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(Rie Matsuoka) The Wreck Slut


n0379 2008/11/11
Rie Matsuoka
The Wreck Slut

There was a television program that competed for the dish by using a high-level ingredient before. The slut material of the best is put in the hand recently and it cooks deliberately.
It is heard that luxurious play that appreciates the appearance in which the slut writhes and suffers becomes popular. RIE MATSUOKA is a slender beautiful woman whom Race Queen costume suit.
The state that is quiet with a shy person contrary to appearance is worth attacking. She is immediately attacked as soon as enter to studio and blows large quantities of lave juice.

It thoroughly drives her in by intense insulting and let her die to the next world. At the beginning, RIE whom a smallish clothes digs into to hips small clothes and feels shy is absent-mindedly to the staff's question.
She is absentminded so as to think that a head is weak. However, she reacts immediately when body is groped by men. The joy juice that becomes cloudy drips at a dash and is thrown from the vagina by finger fuck at open leg pose.
A wet pussy is made finger fuck further and she is made female ejaculation. The clitoris is stimulated at the same time and ejaculates and is made acme. Also she is made finger fuck by even crawl on all fours.

RIE pants loudly and got acme again, and she is voluntarily surprised at a large amount of stain that adheres to the sofa. And, the cock is thrown in to the mouth and it is standing fellatio. Then cock inserted at missionary posture.
She faints in agony while intensely voluntarily shaking the waist at woman on top, back and missionary posture. And then vaginal cum shot was made at bending posture. Semen flows backward from the ostium of the vagina with a large amount of joy juice.
The image scene is placed and RIE who appears with skirt in the sweater of plain clothes is put an earplug and, in addition, gets the blindfold.

It is because stimulation from eyes and ears is intercepted and the nerve is concentrated on stimulation to the body.
RIE is made taking off clothes and is attacked with the electric massage machine that the TOKYO HOT original electric massage machine that vibs is installed in part of vibrating head in the standing pose.
The Baib part is pushed in the vagina and it begins the vibration. RIE cannot be standing in strong stimulation and originate the groaning pant voice and try to sit down.

However, RIE is made to stand by force and ejaculation is repeated to the massage machine attack that continues further. The attack escalates further even the open leg pose on the sofa and she is made acme again.
Immediate aftermath, RIE is removed blindfold and earplug and watched the face just after got acme many times and feel shy seriously, and she turns her face away from the camera. However, the attack of insulting waited further after this.
It is rotor & vibs toy attack by open leg pose. The rotor toy is put in the vagina, the clitoris is stimulated simultaneously, and she faints in agony. It then next, rotor toy is put in the pussy and the piston is made intensely.

In addition, the attack with the electric massage machine with the vibs toy continues and she pants intensely and is made acme. And, the cock is pushed into the mouth and she is made fellatio.
Then cock inserted at missionary posture after she is made to suck severely by standing fellatio. Spectacle that labia meat adsorbs cock by close up of uniting part is seen in detail and it is so obscenity.
The gushing cloudiness joy juice adheres to the cock stickily. And vaginal cum shot was made at missionary posture. Immediate aftermath, the second cock is inserted and semen is injected. The third cock is immediately inserted at missionary posture.

Men concentrate at the same time and squeeze the cock in surrounding. And, they ejaculate in face of RIE who was being fuck one after another. The semen of 11 totals is poured on RIE and her face become muddy.
Two of them hit her mouth directly. After cleaning play that cock immediately after ejaculation is sucked is made, RIE who was pushed semen around mouth into mouth has a fit of coughing many times on the way and vomited semen.
Immediate aftermath, RIE doesn't show the reaction to the word that men abuse at all and seems immediately before the limit.

However, devils do not stop attacking and inject semen after they intensely stirred in the vagina at missionary posture and semen flows backward from the pussy that opens miserable. RIE was dead tired without the eyes being opened.
RIE who is beaten a bit of everything severely by men and became wreck is deserted as it is after this.
She seems to have been a mere of chunk because she had been eaten a bit of everything by peripheral homeless and the stray dog in the night when the leftover trader would collect it next morning.


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