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(Kaoru Wakasugi) The Foolish Newscaster


n0381 2008/11/18
Kaoru Wakasugi
The Foolish Newscaster

Only a poor woman is going to get work more than one's ability. KAORU WAKASUGI is new announcer. The site is pandemonium because she cannot do anything at all though join a company by the connection and selected by the caster of the main program early.
Let lay her life on the line for the foolish slut. KAORU is persuaded to be able to become independent if the lascivious insect in the pussy is rooted out and cock of all staff of company are pierced and insulted her.
The pussy has collapsed before she comes to be able to work like others. At the beginning, it is rehearsal of news programming and KAORU cannot read the manuscript straight. The rehearsal is interrupted and KAORU is ordered to return to home.

Later, KAORU visits the chairman who has her join a company. KAORU who comes near to side of chairman of bedridden side was touched the bust suddenly and seems to be made taking off clothes.
However, she cannot opposes it because the relative including own father has been indebted to the chairman, too and clothes are voluntarily taken off and the beauty pussy is exposed. She is made deep kiss after finger fuck was made by the standing pose.
In addition, the pussy is pressed against chairman's face and careful licking service is made. Then, cock is sucked and fellatio begins.

The attitude that to obey any kind of demand obediently and the ball bag and anal are lick to try to be pleased with the chairman is brave. And then cock inserted at woman on top posture and the joy juice that becomes cloudy immediately gushes.
The piston continues at the backward woman on top and woman on top posture and the spectacle that labia meat adsorbs the cock is obscene. Then semen was injected in the pussy.
The satisfied chairman will promise to watch the trouble of KAORU all the time in future. The program will be rehearsed again the next day. KAORU reads the manuscript while being intensely shaken on the rodeo machine.

The vibs toy is installed in the machine and it sticks deeply in vagina of KAORU. In addition, the clitoris is groped, and she got acme while ejaculates.
It is the blunder where the caster whom calm work is demanded from in any kind of situation hangs love juice down. Men rage and made spanking hip of KAORU.
Then the lascivious insect turns out in the pussy though Cuzco is inserted in the vagina and KAORU is inspected in the vagina. KAORU believes existence of lascivious insect and leaves her body to men.

She is the woman who is really foolish from a bottom of heart. In the next, it is finger fuck at open leg pose. It is intensely stirred and urethral openings are greatly open. Then it is rotor & vivs toy attack.
The thick vibs toy is put many times and she is made acme while wetting the pussy. In addition, it is an electric massage machine attack by open leg pose. It is original apparatus of the TOKYO HOT from which vibs toy is installed in the vibrating tip.
The pussy is stimulated many times mercilessly though KAORU rages intensely and opposes. However, the badness of the lascivious insect is not calm down.

The cock is pushed in the mouth when the cock is necessary for complete extermination and she is made fellatio.
Then cock is inserted at missionary posture after three cocks are licked at the same time and vaginal cum shot was made at side posture after M leg backward woman on top and woman on top posture.
The second cock is immediately inserted at missionary posture and vaginal cum shot was made. Immediate aftermath, the third cock is inserted.

The close up scene of bending posture that cock deeply inserted in the pussy that is severely stirred at missionary and bending posture and extends greatly is obscene.
And then semen injected. However, the lascivious insect cannot root out even by continuous vagina cum shot. The staffs in the company are gathered and stronger treatment will be done.
Men insert the stick immediately before the ejaculation in the pussy of the KAORU who reads the manuscript by the open leg pose one after another and made vaginal cum shot. The semen of 13 totals is injected into KAORU.

The spilling semen is pushed by the finger in the vagina and the pussy become muddy by it. Immediate aftermath, KAORU is made finger fuck and the compound liquid of joy juice and semen gush. A lovely pussy is transfigured to an ugly pussy.
However, the lascivious insect proliferates in the vagina far from being rooted out. The men leave KAORU because they are unmanageable her and disperse.
After this, KAORU independent leaves the office and will concentrate on the treatment of the lascivious insect. However, any doctor doesn't admit existence of lascivious insect and KAORU is treated as a crackbrained woman.
The sighting of slut who is expanded pussy to everyone and entreats extermination of lascivious insect in the vicinity of the hospital is reported.


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