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(Asuka Murayama) A Drift Fuck


n0382 2008/11/21
Asuka Murayama
A Drift Fuck

The woman troubled with at immediate money is a suitable prey of the talent scout man. The woman who feels sex by the same sense as the game and sports is many recently,
too and it is not few when the scout is done and it is brought to the site immediately. ASUKA who seems to be active well enters the studio for money, too.
It is an obedient woman who shows the pussy though she complains to the thing whose guarantee of fuck is a gift certificate. However, the world is not sweet so that it is easily obtained money. Many members were levied in order to insult ASUKA.

The pussy goes into convulsions by the wild attack of men. A pussy trembles. At the beginning, ASUKA brought to actor's waiting room pulls the lottery and selects play. ASUKA sucks cock of men in the room one after another and repeats fellatio.
After the fact, she pulls the lottery again and the guarantee is decided. The guarantee is decided to ten yen as a result. ASUKA who wants money draws lots again and selects play. As result, "Cock rally" that insulted with many cock will be started.
ASKUKA who was made stark-naked suck cock of 20 actors or more by standing fellatio one after another after she was gazed at pussy and anal. Immediate aftermath, it is continuous fuck at missionary posture.

Many cocks are put in the pussy that has not yet wet and the piston is intensely done. Men made the piston mercilessly by various posture as bending, side, woman on top, standing back and back.
ASUKA desperately endures disgrace from which the pussy intensely stirred and the labia meat transformed in ugliness are gazed by many men. In addition, the vaginal cum shot team made ejaculation in the vagina.
Semen is injected immediately after the cock is put in and out for long time by missionary posture. The pussy into which the semen of 15 totals is poured in the vagina becomes muddy. After the fact, the guarantee decided by the lottery is 20,000 yen.

The dispirited expression of ASUKA is impressive. Next, ASUKA entreats the supervisor the play of the addition. It seems not to be able to pay indeed 20,010 yen in the rent. And, supervisor's cock is sucked as said.
Also it is tit rub service after the ball nag is politely licked. Then, cock inserted at missionary posture and semen is injected after it is intensely stimulated in the vagina at back & missionary posture.
The mass of the semen that adheres to the cock scoops by the finger and it is put in the mouth of ASUKA and she swallows it. The play continuously decided by the lottery is gangbang and the bed is immediately prepared.

ASUKA on the bed is overwhelmed to strange atmosphere of the vaginal cum shot team of 20 people or more that gather one after another and is an expression that seems to be uneasy. Men immediately take off clothes of ASUKA and caress whole her body.
The cock is thrown in the mouth and fellatio was made though ASUKA who is finger fuck while being licked in body opposes.
Then cock inserted. After the piston is made at missionary, back and backward woman on top posture by many cocks, continuous vaginal cum shot is made at back posture. In the vagina into which the semen of four totals was poured is opened greatly.

However, the cock is immediately inserted at missionary posture. The actors' reckless driving doesn't stop and continuous vaginal cum shot is made mercilessly. Thick semen of 12 totals hits the womb directly.
Out of two shots are poured on the vicinity of the vagina entrance that goes into convulsions irregularly because of it is fucked and rubs many times. Immediate aftermath, ASUKA cannot get up and pulls the lottery of the guarantee while lying down.
Though she got a five million yen of maximum amount, it decides to go to Hawaii with actors as result.

ASUKA clouds the expression while imagining the scene that without enjoying the sea of the everlasting summer to the full under the blue sky and pussy is abused by the vaginal cum shot by the dirty-looking semen actors.
After this, ASUKA visits TOKYO HOT many times and entreated work. Because it was too persistent and ASUKA is overcrowded with semen actors in a wooden container and it is thrown into the sea.
At this time, ASUKA will be cast ashore in Hawaii after she is made vaginal cum shot severely in the container and having been got pregnant.


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