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(Tsubaki Tachibana) The Lewd Slut Teacher


n0383 2008/11/25
Tsubaki Tachibana
The Lewd Slut Teacher

It is not to have been limited to a man to be lascivious though there is not few at all that a teacher is caught with a pervert or a lingerie thief. The existence of the extraordinarily lewd female teacher was clarified this time.
TSUBAKI TACHIBANA is the new face teacher who started for its new post in the school of the part-time schooling system. TSUBAKI is troubled by poor students at the very beginning of new post though she seems an intellectual and serious beautiful woman.
TSUBAKI will be fucked by men in a school at the opportunity by having been fucked by one of the students at certain day. TSUBAKI who is made acme many times by merciless attack is thrown in the cock even by anal and is immediately before the faint.

It is foolery of the surprise that a driven woman shows. TSUBAKI is called in one of the students after lesson and is confessed that he likes her. Although TSUBAKI was surprised, she is hold a hand immediately and is caressed a body.
And she is made careful licking service by the open leg pose after the panty is taken off and the pussy is fingered. TSUBAKI feels intense and got acme immediately.
She is really sensitive and lead. In addition, she pants loudly for finger fuck and got acme again. Then cock inserted at standing back posture after fellatio.

The spectacle that labia meat adsorbs the cock is obscene when poked at missionary and bending posture, then vaginal cum shot was made at bending posture. The second cock is immediately inserted and semen was injected.
It is the image scene to wrap in a refreshing sky-blue suit continuously. A gap with the foolery of a lower part of the body has convulsions and got acme many times is impressive.
Later, the campus is full of the topic that TSUBAKI was made vaginal cum shot by a student. Students are not only hear the class at all but also go up to the platform and attack her.

TSUBAKI who shows scary expression seriously is tear stoking and is made open leg pose. Then clitoris is strongly attacked with the rotor toy after deep kiss. Two rotor toys are put in the pussy at the same time and she is made acme immediately.
The joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes from the pussy. In addition, the vibs toy attack continues and the lower half of the body is gone into convulsions and she ejaculates and got acme many times.
In the next, pussy is stimulated with the electric massage machine and she faints in agony. In addition, the pussy is thoroughly attacked with original apparatus from which vibs toy is installed in the head of the massage machine,

and she writhes and ejaculates while suffering. She is made acme many times and the absence of mind. Focuses of eyes are not decided even to the question by no reaction either. It is a limit in complete.
However, devils do not stop attacking. TSUBAKI is bound with the rope and fixed in the shape completely stored between feet of the desk for inverted. And, she is left with the massage machine installed between groins.
Though TSUBAKI who got acme too much and is tired out is finally liberated after one hour and she is immediately moved to the bed and the cock is inserted at missionary posture one after another.

She is made acme many times while cock is inserting and ejaculates. Eyes are hollow and she may not understand what has happened. Then, cock suddenly inserted into anal at backward woman on top posture.
It is closed in the pussy and the mouth with the cock and it is three compulsion holes fucking is made at the same time. In addition, the cock is inserted in anal while cock inserts at woman on top posture.
Anal and the pussy are intensely stirred and she is made acme with showing the whites of her eyes. Immediate aftermath, it is continues vaginal cum shot time.

Cock is immediately inserted in the pussy after vaginal cum shot and six cum shot is made continuously and injected in the pussy. Immediate aftermath, cock is inserted in anal at backward woman on top posture.
The pussy that extends greatly at the same time is stimulated with the electric massage machine. In addition, men insert the cock immediately before the ejaculation in the pussy that extends greatly and the ejaculation in the vagina is made.
She finds no words for a devil brute play that semen of five totals is poured while cock put in the anal and becomes half mad. Immediate aftermath, semen is injected into anal. Semen flows backward from the rectum as soon as the cock was pulled out.

After a thing, TSUBAKI is left unattended as absentmindedness. TSUBAKI who is in the state that head is becomes pure white for a long time loses the memory on this day.
In addition, TSUBAKI does not understand who is her and the teacher's license is deprived, also she will attend school as a student for the fucking of the teacher and classmates.
TSUBAKI is insisted that she want to become a meat urinal in the consultation of the course. She regains past memory and quality of oneself slowly.


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