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(Arisa Kanzaki) The Obedient Slut


n0384 2008/11/28
Arisa Kanzaki
The Obedient Slut

The woman pleads immediately for the expensive one as clothes, shoes, bag, and precious metals when men spoil woman. The costing woman is a person much harm and no good. We will recommend the thing immediately removed.
ARISA KANZAKI is a beautiful woman of a preeminent style with dynamite tits. She is an avaricious woman who wants it further even if a man severely buys the expensive one.
However, a man is disgusted at the strong ARISA of worldly desires with selfishness. ARISA who was begun to talk about breaking up suddenly is brought into the TOKYO HOT in order to settle the money that was cost for her.

Devils crowd and it is the start of a thorough insulting immediately. A helpless woman was splendidly reborn to an obedient woman by intense training.
At the beginning, ARISA is flirting with a man. She doesn't have the ear heard even if the thing with too strong worldly desires is admonished by a man. She is made deep kiss and dynamite tits is intensely massaged and felt it.
The pussy is voluntarily expanded by the open leg pose and she pleads for the cock. The strong one seems not to be only worldly desires. ARISA is made finger fuck after the clitoris is groped and ejaculates.

A large amount of joy juice that becomes cloudy gushes. Then ARISA sucked the cock and she made tits rub service after fellatio. She hung down saliva in the cock and continues tits rub service. And then cock inserted at standing back posture.
She ejaculates to the piston to which the one leg is lifted. A lovely pussy is intensely poked many times at backward woman on top, woman on top and missionary posture. And then vaginal cum shot is made at bending posture.
Immediate aftermath, she is talked about separation suddenly by a man. ARISA who was said to have got tired is brought in to the TOKYO HOT as it is and will be trained. The image scene is placed and it is the basement of the TOKYO HOT.

ARISA of the expression that seems to be uneasy are immediately bound both hands with the rope and is taken out to outdoor and left. It is play to remember the thing submitted before it trains.
ARISA left for a long time has groped body by a man who comes occasionally and it is the state that is incomprehensible what happens from now on. Moreover, she is left with the vibs toy inserted in the pussy.
Then, ARISA of upper-body nakedness brought back to basement again and hung by standing pose with tied up in the back After the dynamite tits is strongly slapped, she is made to make complete nudity and is spanked hips.

In addition, ARISA is bound by the open leg pose and careful licking service & finger fuck is made. The finger is put also in anal at the same time and she ejaculates. A large amount of love juice is hung down.
ARISA ejaculates to the following vibs toy attack. In addition, ARISA rages intensely, struggle & suffer and ejaculates many times when the clitoris is concentrated stimulated with the electric massage machine.
The groan voice is raised after she is bitten ball gag and a large amount of love juice is blown again. And, the vibs toy attack by the backing style continues and the cock is thrown in the mouth and fellatio is made at the same time.

The cock pierced in the throat deeply and sucking while hanging a large amount of slaver down is obscene.
Then cock inserted at back posture. It is closed in the mouth with the cock and many cocks are inserted one after another at missionary, bending, side, backward woman on top and woman on top posture, and then vaginal cum shot was made at bending posture.
Immediate aftermath, the second cock inserted at back posture. ARISA pierced many times entreats vaginal cum shot. Remodeling to an obedient woman seems to be advanced well. And then second vaginal cum shot was made.

The third cock is immediately inserted at missionary posture and semen is injected. The fourth cock is immediately inserted at missionary posture and vaginal cum shot was made.
Immediate aftermath, ARISA to whom both legs were bound with rope is hung by the open leg pose and attacked at the same time with the electric massage machine. And, men launch semen one after another aiming at a drenched pussy.
The ostium of the vagina & Mons pubis of ARISA is poured the semen of nine totals and become muddy. In addition, semen is pushed by the finger in the vagina.

Immediate aftermath, it is stimulated intensely with the massage machine and she is made acme again and ARISA is left as it is. Training will be done many times in the future.
In several days, ARISA becomes with submission as having turned into some other person and is completely another person. But she tries to suck cock of traffic person immediately after being liberated and is compulsorily hospitalized.
And, ARISA is brought in to the TOKYO HOT again for treatment of lascivious slut. It is a really helpless slut.


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