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(Miyu Nomura) The Fucking in a Clubhouse


n0385 2008/12/02
Miyu Nomura
The Fucking in a Clubhouse

The times when the aggravation of the peace and order as cruelty in home and school was demanded like a foreign country ran Japan. The place that has been said to be safe up to now is not safe.
MIYU NOMURA is the lovely student. It is the feeling that the point that seems to be gentle that she cannot decline with saying that it is asked and atmosphere of being normal has well.
Current life has been changed completely starting with the thing that insulted and fucked by the classmate though MIYU is the honor student who serves as the director in the swim club

and the student council president. Please enjoy the spectacle that a serious lovely student falls to meat urinal. At the beginning, it is the classroom of after school. The classmate who has
bad behavior with brown hair talks to MIYU who racks her brains for the student government that approached the next day. Though a serious MIYU treat suitably and tries to go home,
she is suddenly grope body and cannot oppose in surprise. She is made deep kiss after she is groped between groins from the panty. In addition, the panty is taken off and the clitoris is

attacked by the open leg pose that pussy is gazed. The joy juice gushes immediately when labia meat is expanded and finger fuck is made. In addition, another classmate participates in
the caress. The cock is exposed and it thrusts out to presence of MIYU. It is thrown in to the mouth though MIYU is surprised at the cock which erects greatly in a moment just to have touched
it a little. And it is double fellatio after two cocks are sucked alternately. Serious MIYU licks glans hardly by the tongue as said. And the cock inserted at standing back posture. The

cloudiness joy juice is increased and gushes further, and adheres to the cock when she is poked at backward woman on top, backward woman on top and missionary posture. And semen
injected finally. MIYU worries about the pregnancy for an unexpected vaginal cum shot and is upset. But second cock inserted and semen injected mercilessly. Later, it is locker room in
swim club. The teacher of the adviser who is stealing a glance enters a room as soon as MIYU finished changing into a swim suit from the uniform. He is pressed her to take the responsibility

of the last athletic meet that ends in suffering a disastrous defeat. MIYU is not possible to permit though she argue against it is a whole responsibility while the woman admits power
shortage as the director. Other members gather, too and examined what was wrong with her again. The swimsuit that is too showy and is unsuitable for a meeting rule is brought into
question and it is open cut a hole with scissors so that a nipple expose. In addition, she is made deep kiss, is licked the ear and the nipple intensely though oppose it. However, the part between

groins is cut out. And, it is rotor toy attacks following finger fuck. The clitoris is stimulated and the rotor toy is put in the vagina hole at the same time. Though the pussy where well-set is
good immediately excretes the rotor toy and MIYU faints in agony when it is stimulated with the electric massage machine immediate aftermath. Though MIYU rages intensely, she is
suppressed and it is continued. Immediate aftermath, Cuzco is inserted. The opening of uterus that is beaten up is cruel. Immediate aftermath, MIYU feels the desire to urinate and she

expanded the pussy voluntarily and excreted by the standing pose. An obscene sound is made and a large amount of urination is vomited powerfully. Then cock inserted at missionary
posture after standing fellatio. The uniting part is exposed at M-leg woman on top posture and more pistons are made at side & backward woman on top posture intensely, and she pants.
Then vaginal cum shot made at back posture. Immediate aftermath, the second cock inserts at bending posture and semen is injected. However, it has not ended yet. All members of club

gather, and they insert the cock immediately before the ejaculation one after another in the pussy of MIYU who is fixed by open leg pose and ejaculate in the vagina. The pussy into which
the semen of four totals is poured becomes muddy. Immediate aftermath, a continuous ejaculation is forced to pussy that greatly opened by the lift hip up pose. The semen of six totals hits the

ostium of the vagina directly. Immediate aftermath, hips are lifted high and the semen that adheres between groins is hung down in the face. After the fact, MIYU poses about the breast
stroke on the bed. It is the moment when an honor student becomes feebleminded meat urinal. After this, MIYU who is no immunity in lewd thing becomes a fucking dependence syndrome

of slut and she is made vaginal cum shot by the whole school student. As the result, all schoolboys voted for MIYU in the election of next student government. And MIYU is elected in a top
winning. School regulations that put in "Vaginal Cum Shot" to the curriculum of the class now are made and it is discussing it with student government.


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