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(Hinano Igawa) The Healing Fuck


n0390 2008/12/19
Hinano Igawa
The Healing Fuck

The tall, beauty, preeminent style as model, HINANO IGAWA is rich princess who live in comfort. HINANO is splendid prey by which the
devil who shouldered various handicap as poor-looking, poverty, stupid dispels usual resentment. It is allured in a skillful word as like to have a
hard time if it doesn't know something about the world and made fuck her. The TOKYO HOT is never discriminated though a rich woman ranks

a man and looks down on. We fuck woman equally as long as any they have the pussy. The thing that HINANO is considerably rich turns out in
the interview of the company. She has never take the train and go to school by a hired car every day. In addition, the course after graduate is also
undecided because she is not necessary to work. The men swell a lower part of the body at the same time to feel anger to HINANO who talks casually

with being quiet in the tone. To give the time for dream for a while to instill severe reality in the innocent HINANO who does not know the world.
The young lady will be to grow up one step when came out of a dream. HINANO meets a man of the stark-naked in the train. Though the woman
who took a train for the first time is surprised to see a man of the stark-naked, but she cannot be judged whether the stark-naked is usual due to

inexperience and is nothing to do. A man erects the cock and approaches HINANO. However, she cannot run away and clothes were taken off and
the beauty dynamite tits is exposed. A man is noted by the conductor and disappears after tits rub service is made. HINANO heads for the destination
though she makes to the blank surprise. The company arriving ahead that joined a company for social study. As soon as HINANO arrived company, she

go to the dispensary to make the medical check. The doctor in charge is a stark-naked man who met in the train sometime ago. HINANO is made a
stark-naked by the various reasons. She is compulsorily broken stocking and is taken off the panty, and the pussy is exposed. The joy juice gushes by
finger fuck. The reaction of the young lady seems to be sensitive. Immediate aftermath, Cuzco is inserted. The opening of uterus is filled with the joy

juice that becomes cloudy. And, the thick vibs toy is intensely pushed and the piston is made intensely. HINANO pant loudly and got acme. Then
cock inserted at backward woman on top posture and semen is injected when the cloudiness joy juice filled in vagina is shaken by the cock and
well ripe. HINANO who was made vaginal cum shot by unknown man recognizes the severity of the reality again. However, the severity of the

reality continues still more. The image scene is placed and the assigned work is the healing of employee. Men's cocks are thrown in to the mouth one
after another and HINANO is made standing fellatio. In addition, the pussy is stimulated with the electric massage machine and she has incontinence
suddenly and she made the chair of the company dirty. Naturally, it is fucking as a punishment. The dynamite beauty tit that a shake at each piston

at missionary, bending and woman on top posture has not been overlooked and tits rub service is requested. The fucking is repeated when vaginal cum
shot. It is four continues vaginal cum shot after severely poked. After the fact, lower half of the body of HINANO goes into convulsions. One side of labia
meat is enlarged and it is twisted in ugliness. It is the behavior that brute reflected for gone too far to a woman in the state of opening pussy greatly. Men
do not have must reflection in the real intention and prepared play that beats up HINANO more though welcome party of HINANO is decided in haste.
HINANO is made open leg pose and Cuzco is inserted in the pussy. It is a semen pour welcome party. At this point, HINANO is already expressionless.
Whenever semen is poured, the reward is said sulky. As result, vagina is become muddy by the semen of 15 totals. Immediate aftermath, a long tube is
inserted in the pussy and one side end inserted in the mouth of HINANO and she is compelled to suck out semen. After Foolish woman who believes that it
is social study sucks out all semen and showing the intraoral of the pure white, she drinks up all. After the fact, HINANO wakes up in the seat in the train.
Is it dream…? However, HINANO is a stark-naked for some reason. However, HINANO who endured severe social study show the expression that it is the
common sense that getting on the train by the stark-naked. It will grow up the conditioning in the future and an active thing is expected as a splendid special
meat urinal for vaginal cum shot not shameful even if it puts it out to anywhere.


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