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(Shizuka Tokugawa) Fucking Etiquette


n0389 2008/12/16
Shizuka Tokugawa
Fucking Etiquette

A truly Japanese woman, it might already be a dead language. An antique woman who put up a man in obedience was gone anywhere.
There is only creating it in case of not being. The tea ceremony of the TOKYO HOT style is effective to it. The expert in the field and the
head of a school were invited to TOKYO HOT office and it practiced by SHIZUKA TOKUGAWA of the slender model. Actually it only

severely insults her by devils always. Because the fee gets the lesson of the tea ceremony from a woman, it is killing two birds with
one stone. Hereafter, the number of slut members will be increased. Progress is late though SHIZUKA aggressively tries to the
acquisition of the tea ceremony. A head of a school who is become irritated at her installs the remote rotor toy between groins of

SHIZUKA and let her perform asceticism to bring up concentration. SHIZUKA cannot do even sitting straight much less putting up tea
by the stimulation of the rotor toy. However, the head master of a school yells at SHIZUKA when a dissolute feeling in the heart of
SHIZUKA disturbs concentration. The head of a school takes off clothes of SHIZUKA when sustaining one's concentration though the

person who studied a true tea ceremony thoroughly is made vaginal cum shot and begins caressing. SHIZUKA is compelled fellatio
after finger fuck is made. SHIZUKA doesn't suck cock at once but suck it after glans and side are politely licked. It is the formal manner
that making a loud noise in obscenity and sucking. Then cock inserted at standing back posture. Basic manners that the pussy is

voluntarily expanded by the finger and lead cock at missionary posture are inculcated. And vaginal cum shot was made after bending &
woman on top posture. The semen that bubbles in the vagina flows backward. Next, SHIZUKA is surrounded by men and will receive
next training. Men touch whole body of SHIZUKA and have the panty taken off after an intense deep kiss. The opposition under

training is forbidden though it is SHIZUKA who seriously dislikes that the pussy is greatly opened, even the smell of anal is smelt.
SHIZUKA holds out hard so that makes men comfortable by hand job service & sucking. In the next, the finger is put in the pussy by
the open leg pose and it is expanded. The first training is especially important in an immature pussy. The rotor toy is inserted in the

vagina after water is sprinkled on the pussy and the pubic hair is stimulated by the tea whisk. In addition, the clitoris is attacked and
SHIZUKA faints in agony. Next, the vibs toy put in the vagina instead of rotor toy and clitoris is stimulated by two rotor toys. Immediate
aftermath, finger fuck is made and the cloudiness joy juice that bubbles gushes from pussy. In addition, she is made female ejaculation!

Splendid shamefulness female ejaculation in front of gentlemen is named "Dance of the tea strainer" and it is praised the remarkable
progress of the pussy at the same time. In addition, tor vibs toy is put in and more cloudiness joy juice gushes. Immediate aftermath,
she is hold in his arms by the open leg pose and the electric massage machine attack is made. SHIZUKA ejaculates and got acme many

times. Pussy that shows goodness of preeminent sensitivity of SHIZUKA is judged already has reached at a considerable level and the
master directly inserts the cock at backward woman on top posture. SHIZUKA slack shrinks the pussy hard to intense movement of the
cock at the same time as she thanks for the master's practice and vaginal cum shot was made. Then men insert the cock one after
another. Men poked her by various posture at missionary, backward woman on top, back and bending and made devil play that 10

continues vaginal cum shot. The tenth person is pulled out cock once immediately after the vaginal cum shot and insert again while
semen drips from glans. "Dragon's drop" with a high difficulty that likens semen to the dripping is showed. Pussy of SHIZUKA is led to
further improvement. Immediate aftermath, the pupil is gathered, and the cock immediately before the ejaculation is inserted to the


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